What Audio System Does Audi Use?

Audi is a luxury car manufacturer that produces cars that are well-liked by a diverse group of tech-savvy consumers. Their vehicles are also known for their quality, performance, and rider safety.

Alpine’s premium infotainment system perfectly integrates into your Audi to bring you audiophile sound, the latest media compatibility and cutting-edge navigation technology.

Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System

The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System is available as part of the 2022 Audi A3’s infotainment system. It features up to 23 speakers spread throughout the car’s interior to provide a true 3D sound experience that rivals many home cinema systems. The speakers are also encapsulated in their own cabinets to minimize chassis vibration and noise. The audio system uses the GALA technology to compensate for and suppress background noise, so you can enjoy your music in complete privacy.

The Alpine premium infotainment system perfectly integrates into your Audi to offer the latest media compatibility, a brilliant touch screen display and audiophile-quality sound quality. It includes a high performance front speaker upgrade kit and a 310W digital amplifier. The amplifier is pre-programmed for your specific vehicle to deliver a seamless integration and flawless operation.

Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System

Bang & Olufsen has designed a sophisticated sound system for every Audi premium vehicle. From the acoustic lenses that emerge from your dashboard to the organically shaped aluminum loudspeaker grilles, every detail is carefully incorporated to enhance your driving experience.

The SPC-200AU Front Speaker Upgrade kit features a high performance digital amplifier to provide 310 Watts RMS of power. The amplifier is pre-programmed for your specific Audi model to ensure a perfect fit and maximum functionality. The kit also includes a pair of Alpine door woofers for improved staging and sound quality, high performance network components and all necessary installation parts for a professional install. The original Audi rear speakers can remain in the vehicle for rear fill if desired.

Audi MMI(r) Touch Response System

The Audi MMI(r) Touch Response System features advanced touch displays that are activated by swiping, pinching and tapping, plus natural voice recognition. It allows drivers to personalize their controls, icons and more to fit their style, so it’s easier to find what they need when driving around greater Omaha. Audi MMI(r) can also create key-linked driver profiles to instantly restore over 400 vehicle settings and preferences.

The SPC-200AU Sound System upgrade kit includes a high performance front speaker system for optimal front staging, along with a powerful 310W digital amplifier to provide an audiophile-grade listening experience. It even allows for the original rear speakers to remain in place for full-range surround sound.

Alpine Premium Infotainment System

Alpine is an electronics manufacturer that specializes in system integration solutions for the automotive industry. Their premium infotainment systems are used by some of the world’s top automobile manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. Alpine has been in business for more than 30 years and offers innovative car entertainment and navigation products that enhance your driving experience.

Whether you are on a short commute to work or a long road trip, the premium infotainment system in your Audi Q5 will provide entertainment and information to keep you and your passengers comfortable and relaxed. The system also has many convenience features to make driving easier, so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for the next adventure.

The X701D-G7 is one of the most popular premium infotainment systems for vehicles that features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can connect your smartphone directly to the head unit to play music, use voice control and get directions. You can even control some of the vehicle’s functions, such as the parking sensor display and steering wheel controls with this system.

This unit has a massive 9-inch capacitive touchscreen and can be installed in a variety of vehicle types without requiring custom installation. The screen is so large that it can almost be a second monitor for some drivers. The system is incredibly intuitive, with a simple interface that works well with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Alpine also includes their own software, TuneIt, that allows you to customize your audio system’s EQ settings, high pass filters for the front and rear speakers, and more.

Another cool feature of this unit is a function called ‘Simple Swipe’ that lets you control music playback by simply swiping up, down or side to side on the screen. This can be very handy while driving since it helps you stay focused on the road and keeps your hands on the wheel.

This head unit also supports the Maestro iDatalink system, which allows you to control compatible in-vehicle accessories, such as LED light bars. You can even control a backup camera with the KCX-C2600B accessory. This is a great way to improve the look of your vehicle while adding safety and convenience.