What Audio System Does Audi Use?

what audio system does audi use

Audi is a luxury car company renowned for its top-of-the-line vehicles and cutting-edge audio technology.

The Q4 e-tron is the most affordable model of Audi’s e-tron family and it comes equipped with Bang & Olufsen’s premium sound system as part of its Comfort and Sound pack for just PS 1400 as an optional cost. That’s quite reasonable for a luxury hybrid SUV!

Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System

Audi has been a long-standing partner with Bang & Olufsen, the Danish sound specialist renowned for its attention to design and performance. Their collaboration began with the A8/S8 model lines, but now several other models feature an exclusive audio system from Bang & Olufsen.

The Advanced Sound System in the new A7 Sportback provides an immersive surround sound experience tailored specifically for the car cabin. Utilizing Fraunhofer Symphoria 3D sound post-processing and full range speakers, this system creates a sense of dimensionality, spaciousness, and depth to the sound stage.

Furthermore, the Advanced Sound System in the new A7 Sportback offers a Movie Mode that lets passengers savor true cinematic experiences from within their vehicle. Furthermore, three additional unique sound settings give you complete control over your listening experience to suit whatever it may be.

A key feature of the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System is its customization of sound to match your driving speed. This allows engineers to optimize the audio system so as not to interfere with your driving experience, providing you with the best possible audio.

Customizing the sound in your vehicle is a straightforward process that can make a big difference. For instance, if you plan on driving faster, the system will adjust its volume so that it won’t interfere with engine noise.

Another feature of the Bang & Olufsen system is its adaptive EQ, which guarantees sound clarity in any condition. This works by monitoring your vehicle’s engine and road noise to identify which frequencies might interfere with hearing the music and then adjusting volume accordingly.

The system can also be set to reproduce the subbass tones that are essential in certain songs. For instance, Ne-Yo’s ‘Champagne Life’ has an exquisite low-end rumble that is particularly noticeable while riding in the back seats of a vehicle.

The Bang & Olufsen system also features smartphone-style controls for rear seat passengers to adjust bass, treble and subwoofer levels. Plus it has haptic feedback to give you an extra sense of control.

Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound

The Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System is now available on the new Audi A4 Saloon and Avant, setting a new standard in premium car audio systems. Utilizing Symphoria 3D algorithm technology developed by Fraunhofer Institute, passengers are given the illusion of being in an acoustically enlarged cabin.

This sound system boasts 23 loudspeakers, including two full-range speakers in the A pillars and two headlining speakers above the rear seats. Each speaker has a neodymium magnet for an airy, high-resolution audio pattern.

B&O utilizes Acoustic Lens Technology to evenly disperse sound. When turned on, tweeters located inside the dashboard pop up, revealing a lens which helps spread audio in 180 degrees.

Cars need this feature, as tight spaces can make it difficult for directional speakers low in the doors to provide balanced audio. With B&O’s optimized system, music comes through clearly and with great depth even in cramped quarters.

You can experiment with the system’s settings to find one that best suits your preferences. There are various options, from “Expanded” for a larger soundstage to “Medium” and “Off.”

The system also enables you to adjust the volume levels in different zones, making it much simpler to maintain a comfortable soundscape while driving with someone special or friends.

Additionally, the system can adjust to changes in speed to maintain a consistent sound while driving. This is done by adjusting the output of the amp, cutting through engine noise that tends to interfere with other sound sources.

Finally, the system can be customized by altering its software. This is done via the iDrive interface, giving you a selection of sound profiles tailored to suit individual preferences.

The Audi Q3 features a high-end surround sound audio system, featuring multiple speakers to provide an immersive listening experience for listeners. It also has features that set it apart from other premium systems on the market – like auto volume reduction when driving fast. You can customise this system’s software according to your preferred driving style too, making it highly versatile and customizable.

Bang & Olufsen Acoustic Lens Technology

Audi’s cars feature Bang & Olufsen’s Acoustic Lens Technology for accurate sound reproduction. This system is engineered to spread sound throughout all corners of the car, especially useful when directional speakers cannot be accommodated in certain interior spaces.

At the top of the speaker, two elliptical lenses are mechanically moved to create an expansive “sweet spot” in the acoustic field. This means that high and mid frequencies are spread horizontally at 180 degrees angle instead of spreading them over 60 degrees like most other systems do, creating more even and detailed sound quality.

Acoustic lenses are also capable of limiting vertical reflections, giving sound more accuracy and precision. This is particularly important when listening to stereo or surround audio since it ensures all parts of the room receive identical audio signals.

Another advantage of an acoustic lens is that it permits you to move around your room while listening to music without being stuck in one spot. This is because it distributes sound evenly throughout the room, allowing for easy movement without affecting sound quality.

Bang & Olufsen’s Acoustic Lens technology is featured in many of their products, such as the BeoLab 5. This speaker’s unique design allows you to place it anywhere and still get amazing sound quality.

The BeoLab 5 features a conical body, making it flexible to be placed on shelves or walls while offering superior acoustic performance and impressive volume. Plus, its technology has been fine-tuned for realistic voice reproduction that doesn’t let you miss a whisper regardless of where you sit.

The BeoLab 5 can be used as a standalone speaker or part of an entire home entertainment system, but it also connects to a Tibo Bond 2 Device (available on our site) for wireless streaming music throughout your house. Plus, each speaker offers different sound settings so that you can customize your experience according to your preferences.

Bang & Olufsen MMI Touch Response

The Bang & Olufsen MMI Touch Response system updates the previous generation’s rotary/push button control and touchpad with a 10.1-inch touchscreen that blends almost invisibly into its high-gloss black surround. Not only that, but this system also has enhanced Audi connect services as well as an intuitive navigation interface designed to make driving more pleasant.

The MMI touchscreen can be tailored with customizable controls such as swiping, pinching and tapping to access nearly all features in a way that works best for each driver. Furthermore, the display has acoustic feedback to guarantee each command is received correctly.

Additionally, the MMI display can be programmed to project information onto the windshield in a head-up display format. This could include navigation data, assistance system data or warning messages. Hovering two meters ahead of the driver within a 200 x 80 mm sight window, this display can be adjusted for position and brightness.

Some models feature a Rear Seat Entertainment system that can be operated from a tablet mounted in the rear seat. The tablet connects to MMI navigation plus via Wi-Fi and offers passengers various services like radio and media content.

Another unique aspect of the B&O sound system is its 3D audio, which incorporates height information for an exciting concert-like experience. This technology works by taking stereo and 5.1 recordings, computing their third dimension, then conditioning it for use by its three-dimensional loudspeakers.

B&O sound system offers a concert-like ambiance and expansive soundstage, thanks to several additional loudspeakers and digital signal processor.

The B&O sound system is also equipped with Bluetooth capability, allowing users to connect an external speaker system without having to carry them around in their car. This is a great option for those who own Bluetooth-enabled devices and don’t want to have to lug them around with them.

For B&O sound systems, a free downloadable app allows drivers to select their own audio source – including internet radio. The app can be downloaded with any smartphone running Android operating system and supports other features like music search and streaming from popular online sources.