What Popular Music is Copyright Free?

No matter if it is for YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok videos – using a royalty-free music library is the easiest and best way to avoid copyright claims!

Royalty free music should not be confused with copyright-free music; the difference lies in its name – when purchasing royalty free songs you only pay an upfront one-off fee to use them.

Public Domain

Public Domain is used in different ways, but most often refers to music which can be freely utilized without fear of copyright claims or copyright attacks from platforms such as YouTube or Facebook when used within video creation projects. When creators post videos featuring this track they won’t trigger automatic, automated copyright strikes against it from these platforms and avoid being struck with copyright lawsuits when uploading these tracks onto videos for viewing online.

Public Domain works are those no longer protected by copyright protection, whether because it expired several decades after an author died or due to mistakes during publishing processes. Most public domain music can be freely accessed via projects dedicated to recording it as well as libraries and archives that make copies available.

There is an enormous body of music that falls under this umbrella category, including most piano pieces by Beethoven, Bach and Mozart as well as performances of those pieces by Yo-Yo Ma. Unfortunately though, not everything that falls into this category falls so easily – for instance with other forms of music it might only apply if its creator’s original work falls within public domain limits whereas Yo-Yo Ma might perform that composition publicly for example.

Much of this music can still be found online for download, though you should be cautious of websites which charge for tracks. Some individuals invest time and money in creating new recordings of public domain songs that they then charge others to use.

But using music from sites like Artlist comes with its own risks; Artlist requires an attribution in exchange for using its music and there may also be certain restrictions which must be observed by users. Still, Artlist provides an excellent starting point for anyone searching for high-quality royalty-free tracks that can be utilized in various projects.

This site caters specifically to history teachers and students, yet boasts an expansive list of music in the public domain that’s freely available for downloading – from blues songs and Civil War-related pieces, such as “It Had to Be You,” to jazz standards like “It Had to Be You.” In addition, dozens of musical gems await discovery here with each track having its own link for preview before downloading it.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses provide all creators, from individual artists to large institutions, with a simple yet flexible way of giving permission for others to use their creative work without violating copyright law. While this concept seems straightforward enough, its implementation may be confusing: someone might list certain songs as “copyright free,” yet their actual music may not fall under this definition; true copyright-free music refers to music without copyright rights that is therefore fair game for use; however, in today’s social media content creation circles this term often describes songs that won’t trigger copyright claims when added into videos uploaded onto social media channels such as YouTube or social media content creation platforms like social media content creation platforms – true copyright-free music would fall into this latter definition as opposed to what traditional copyright-free music stands for.

There are various websites dedicated to curating royalty-free music for use by YouTubers and others, offering not only copyright free songs but also high quality songs that may also have some misconceptions attached. Common myths regarding royalty free music include that it doesn’t compare well with other forms of music or that artists don’t want any form of compensation for their efforts – these misconceptions stem from misunderstandng its definition.

ccMixter provides a range of music genres, from upbeat EDM for YouTubers to soothing background tracks for relaxing yoga videos. Most songs have Creative Commons licenses that permit their use for noncommercial purposes; you can filter music based on mood, length, tempo, instrumentation or any other parameters, plus search specific musicians or song titles; additionally ccMixter provides full information regarding each CC license for every song that can be found here.

Bandcamp provides high-quality production music that is both copyright-free and high-quality for filmmakers and video game creators. Downloads come with lyrics, tracklist, composer information and composer details; additionally their FAQ section answers queries regarding licensing, attribution or any other matters related to licensing music for production use.

YouTube provides a dedicated channel dedicated to Creative Commons music, but there are also several independent channels specializing in providing royalty-free tracks specifically tailored for content creators like vloggers and podcasters. These channels range from upbeat to ambient sounds and can be searched by genre, tone and style.


Premium Beat offers a selection of copyright-free music perfect for Instagram videos that’s handpicked by experienced music experts to meet any budget and taste. They emphasize quality over quantity when reviewing submissions; quality takes priority over quantity here! Plus they have licensing options that meet any need!

This site offers an expansive library of tracks that you can search by genre, artist, instrumentation, beats per minute and duration. Additionally, popular tracks and songs can be browsed or searched. There is even an Editor’s Pick playlist with some of the best songs curated specifically for Instagram video production companies or businesses seeking to stand out with their content.

PremiumBeat, part of Shutterstock’s parent company, is widely recognized for providing professional photographers and videographers with stock images and videos. Shutterstock has earned recognition for its global customer service staff who can answer questions regarding any product. PremiumBeat provides a simple pricing structure with monthly subscription plans or pay-as-you-go options to meet individual customer needs.

PremiumBeat stands out from other royalty-free music websites by providing an expansive library of sound effects (SFX). Customers can license these SFX in much the same way they license its music; its selection is updated frequently to allow customers to find just the right track through advanced filtering options.

PremiumBeat has more to offer than music; with search filters that enable you to easily narrow your results and an intuitive user interface, as well as watermarked samples, it offers many tools that can assist in crafting the perfect video. Instagram videos in particular benefit greatly from using PremiumBeat since Instagram does not permit its use without proper licensing.

Pond5 and Soundstripe provide comprehensive libraries of royalty-free music that you can find easily, at very reasonable licensing fees. In addition, Pond5 offers a free trial option which gives users unlimited downloads for 30 days – something neither site offers otherwise.


AudioJungle is one of the leading stock music licensing sites, featuring an expansive library of high-quality songs and sounds suitable for use in films, TV commercials, YouTube videos and more. Plus it comes complete with filters that help you locate exactly what you’re searching for easily by genre, tempo or vocal option – perfect for use across various mediums!

AudioJungle licenses are royalty-free, which means you pay one upfront fee and can use the song on multiple projects and commercial ventures without incurring additional royalties – however, you cannot resell the music separately.

Purchase bundles such as the ABK Royalty Free Music Pack at discounted rates to receive 3 songs for a reduced cost. Format options for bundles may include MP3, WMA and AAC files.

AudioJungle stands out from other online distributors by providing more than just an expansive catalog, including fast submission process and user-friendly dashboard. They also have a tiered commission system where non-exclusive sales earn you 45% commission while exclusive ones yield 37%; making this an easier way to make money than through traditional flat rate contracts.