You Are My Sunshine Tab

banjo you are my sunshine tab

You are my Sunshine tab is an easy banjo song to learn, written in standard GDAE tuning for maximum effectiveness on 4-string tenor banjos.

Tunefox provides many helpful tools for learning this song, such as the Lick Switcher and Memory Train. With these two tools you can shuffle licks across each measure of the song for quick learning!

1. You Are My Sunshine

This song is ideal for beginners just starting out on banjo, using only basic chords with easy strumming patterns that beginners can master quickly. Furthermore, its melody makes playing along an enjoyable experience!

Play this song your way: use a pick or your fingers; the choice is up to you. Picking will produce sharper sounds while fingerpicking has warmer tones.

Tunefox can assist in helping you learn this song with its tools, such as “Hide Notes” and “Memory Train”, to develop your memorization abilities. Furthermore, its “Speed Up” tool enables you to increase the playback speed for each measure for practice on timing – an essential part of playing banjo!

2. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Many country music fans recognize Charlie Daniels and his band’s iconic 1979 song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, but not all know its story: A young man challenges Satan himself to a fiddle-playing competition!

Satan visits a small Georgia town and challenges local boy Johnny to a fiddle duel against Satan himself. If Johnny can beat Satan at fiddling, he wins a golden fiddle; otherwise if Satan prevails he takes Johnny’s soul.

Korn have released a hard-rock cover of the classic with frontman Jonathan Davis taking on the role of Satan and rapper Yelawolf as Johnny, adding an extra dramatic layer to their rendition while maintaining its spirit.

3. You Are My Sunshine (Repeat)

Copeland follows up his critically-acclaimed album ‘Eat Sleep Repeat’ with another solid collection of songs, this time shifting sonic direction while maintaining warmth from either natural instruments to overproduced tracks.

You are my sunshine holds immense cultural significance in Louisiana, having first been recorded by two-term governor Jimmie Davis in 1940. Since its release, the song has become a beloved tradition American song; Ray Charles famously covered it and added his soulful touch. The Rhythmfox tab includes several tools to assist learning this song such as Hide Notes and Memory Train features which will hide notes while playing while increasing playback speed to aid memorization.

4. You Are My Sunshine (Repeat)

Though technically country, “The Night Before Christmas” has transcended genres to become an international hit. Perhaps due to its simplistic structure — with only six verses that ascend and descend smoothly– this song makes an easy transition for any singer without needing Dolly Parton or Johnny Cash-level singing chops to perform it well.

As far as its author is concerned, this song remains one of the most beloved classics ever. Not only has it become one of the world’s most beloved tracks ever composed but it was even declared Louisiana’s official state song in 1977! Ray Charles even covered this tune during one of his performances! Using it within interventions can help develop creativity, self-expression, socialization and group cohesion skills among clients while encouraging social interactions between participants.

5. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Repeat)

There are various versions of this song available, from an instrumental cover by Charlie Daniels Band and Adrenaline Mob to its appearance in Futurama’s “Hell is Other Robots”, where Leela challenges robot devil to a fiddle duel.

Korn released an energetic rendition of their hit single, featuring guest vocalist Yelawolf trading vocals with Michael Davis. Additionally, Korn donated proceeds from this release to their Awakening Youth Foundation, which provides at-risk children with one-on-one individualized support services.

Tunefox provides many tools to assist with learning an arrangement, such as the Lick Switcher and Memo Train features. With these tools you can explore improvisation and creativity by replacing the original melody with custom-crafted licks made by professional musicians that can be added or removed at specific measures and played at any speed.

6. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Repeat)

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is one of Charlie Daniels Band’s signature hits, a fiery fiddle-backed story song with strong historical ties that speak to Biblical Satan, Appalachian folklore figures such as Trickster and old mountain fiddle tunes.

It serves as a powerful metaphor for the South itself; its lyrics emit acidic disdain for any outsider who comes south of the Mason-Dixon line to appropriate, patronize, or otherwise exploit that region.

Tunefox provides Level 2 arrangements and video demonstrations of this tune as part of their Breakthrough Banjo course, along with learning tools like “Hide Notes,” Memory Train,” and Speed Up that can assist in mastering it. Learn more about this great feature by clicking here!

7. You Are My Sunshine (Repeat)

You Are My Sunshine is one of the world’s most-sung songs, making its presence almost as iconic as that of the sun! This success can be attributed to its easy lyrics that enable everyone from beginners to professionals alike to sing it without strain or struggle.

Oliver Hood was originally written as an amusing digression; his family claims he sang it as a bedtime song to their children and eventually sold its rights to Jimmie Davis, a country music singer.

Davis didn’t achieve instantaneous fame with her song You Are My Sunshine, but its popularity quickly spread due to various covers performed by other artists – with Ray Charles’ rendition gaining particular acclaim and even making it to the list of “Songs of the Century”. No wonder at least one member of every American household knows this timeless classic!

8. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Repeat)

Few country songs are more instantly recognizable than “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” The Charlie Daniels Band made this fiery fiddle-driven story song famous on their 1979 album Million Mile Reflections; telling of Johnny who challenges the devil in a fiddle duel; should he lose, Johnny loses his soul while should he win, he receives a golden fiddle as prize!

Nickelback released their version as a tribute to Charlie Daniels’ death that same month at age 83. Frontman Jonathan Davis and rapper Yelawolf perform as the Devil and Johnny respectively. This song was released as an official single in 2020.

Tunefox provides various tools on its bottom bar that can assist in learning an arrangement. For instance, using “Hide Notes”, some notes from the original tab can be hidden so you can learn it strictly by ear. Meanwhile “Memory Train” helps users memorize songs by hiding and then revealing notes at regular intervals for easier recollection.

9. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Repeat)

As a tribute to Charlie Daniels’ legacy and memory, fans are sharing their own unique versions of classic songs like Devil Went Down to Georgia by Azle High School – this indoor percussion dramatization being just one such instance.

Korn recently released a stunning cover of “Hit the Floor,” featuring guest vocalist Yelawolf, with proceeds going toward their Awakening Youth foundation. You can learn more about it and purchase Korn X Awakening Youth woven patches here.

Tunefox makes practicing an arrangement easy! Use the tools in its bottom bar to assist with practicing this arrangement: the “Hide Notes” tool will temporarily hide certain notes on the page so you can concentrate on hearing and recalling its melody, while “Memory Train” automatically increases playback speed every time a measure loops – giving you everything you need to become a more proficient player more quickly! These tools will help you become a more accomplished musician faster!

10. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Repeat)

Few fiddle songs have become as iconic and beloved as The Charlie Daniels Band’s 1979 hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” It tells the tale of a man challenging Satan himself to a fiddling contest; should they win, they receive a golden fiddle as reward; but should they lose, their soul will be taken from them by Satan.

Korn released this track as part of their 2019 album The Nothing three weeks after Charlie Daniels died at age 83. Frontman Jonathan Davis and rapper Yelawolf take turns acting out the role of Johnny and the Devil respectively in an intense fiddle duel.

Use Tunefox’s tools to assist in learning this arrangement of the song. The “Hide Notes” tool hides notes from tab while you study them, while “Memory Train” gradually increases playback speed each time a measure loops back around. Finally, “Shuffle Licks” allows you to mix new licks from various styles into the original recording.