30 R&B Songs That Start With Z

rb songs that start with z

Rhythm and blues music originated in African American communities during the 1940s. Its roots can be traced back to jazz, boogie-woogie, jump blues, gospel music and swing.

Today, R&B is more often associated with hip hop and rap than it used to be. Artists such as Flo Rida and Daniel Caesar have made names for themselves with their emotive voices and stripped-back production styles.

1. Deniece Williams – Forever Yours

R&B music is an iconic genre that blends elements of funk, soul and hip-hop together to celebrate love, desire and connection. Over the years it has evolved into various styles; nonetheless it remains a mainstay on any playlist. If you’re planning a romantic evening in or creating an inviting mix for a date – we have 30 R&B songs starting with “z” that are sure to set the perfect atmosphere!

Alicia Keys’ rendition of Zebras Crossing The Street is both catchy and memorable – with its deeper message about letting go of old people who don’t support your dreams and goals, an experience many can relate to.

Pick Up Your Feelings by Jazmine Sullivan cemented her position among R&B’s elite. Released as part of her album Heaux Tales in 2021, the Grammy-winning track provides a therapeutic farewell to an ex while simultaneously showing Sullivan’s charismatic persona and unrivalled charisma.

Post Malone’s 2018 album ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys’ includes this smooth blend of rap and melody from Post Malone called ‘Zack & Codeine’ that references Disney characters Zack and Cody. The lyrics depict life at an exclusive party lifestyle filled with drugs and alcohol as well as the highs and lows associated with fame.

Joey Bada$$’ politically charged track, Miss Amerikkka, serves as an anthem against social injustice and police brutality in America. The song incorporates a gritty hip-hop beat with samples of news reports of police shootings as well as powerful vocals by Bada$$ himself.

Trey Songz’s sensual ode to sensuality and self-love on Dive In is an epitome of R&B music in the 2000s. Lyrical imagery such as: “I got your legs spread all over the bed/Hands clenched tight in the sheets.” provides a striking picture.

2. Trey Songz – Dive In

Trey Songz has quickly made himself a household name in the music industry with his powerful vocals and insightful songwriting, most notably with ‘Dive In’, his recent release which tackles heartache and loss head on. A strong piece that speaks directly to many, it will also get your feet moving at clubs! Plus it makes for great dancing fun too.

Soundgarden’s song ‘Zero Chance’ is another excellent rock track, speaking out about depression and its devastating effects. This powerful message is further reinforced with amazing lyrics and music; any rock fan should take note.

Jazmine Sullivan released “Pick Up Your Feelings,” an emotional breakup song in 2021 and soon after earned her a Grammy award – catapulting her to the forefront of R&B music and giving her recognition in this realm. Her incredible vocal abilities made this track unforgettable. It helped launch Jazmine into stardom.

One of the greatest songs that start with Z is Prince’s 1996 album Chaos And Disorder track ‘Zannalee,’ about the girl he had a crush on and one whose lyrics reflect this love affair with blues-influenced rock influences that will ensure you will thoroughly enjoy listening to this gem of an album.

“Zephyrus,” released by Bloc Party in 2008, features an interesting sound with catchy melodies; perfect when needing an emotional lift! Listening to this track may provide just that boost of positivity you need!

Bob Marley’s Zimbabwe from his 1979 album Survival is our final pick on our list of R&B songs beginning with Z, offering positive messages through music from an iconic artist. Listening to it will leave you inspired.

No matter the occasion, these R&B songs starting with Z have something for you! Ranging from romantic slow jams to upbeat dance tracks, there is sure to be something suitable here that will provide entertainment while giving a variety of emotions.

3. Brandy – Moonlight

Moonlight is an enjoyable song with catchy lyrics you can sing along to, as well as an important message about living your life to its fullest. Listening to it when feeling down or needing motivation may help give that much-needed boost of positivity!

Brandy released her third studio album, Full Moon, in 2002 to great acclaim and became her first top ten album in the United Kingdom. This collection of music styles ranged from UK garage and funktronica, through jazz and gospel elements integrated into adult contemporary ballads produced by Rodney Jerkins who worked closely with Brandy during her previous two releases – showing new aspects of her music that helped push forward her singing voice even further.

Full Moon was an enormous success for the singer and showcased the influence of her musical idols Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson on her music. Full Moon became her platform to gain greater recognition for her talent as well as inspiring other artists to pursue their talents further. Even today it remains considered a classic in R&B genre. Fans should listen out for it!

Zero Chance is another memorable track from Cozz’s album that explores loss and hope. This heartfelt tune emphasizes not taking anything for granted in life and can serve as an excellent piece of encouragement when feeling low or needing a boost of morale. Furthermore, Cozz showcases her phenomenal vocal abilities in this incredible track making it essential listening for fans of his rapper-singer work.

Last on our list is Zebras Crossing the Street’s song. With catchy lyrics that anyone can enjoy singing along to, and an important underlying message about loving ourselves regardless of what others think, it serves as an encouraging reminder to stay true to who we are without allowing anyone else to change us.

4. Prince – Purple Rain

Prince is one of the greatest artists ever; a musical pioneer blending rock, R&B, funk and gospel music together into his signature sound. His iconic songs touched upon universal themes such as love, loss and faith – leaving an indelible mark upon us all since 2016. His untimely passing in 2016 left many stunned but his legacy lives on through powerful ballads such as Purple Rain; an emotional masterpiece featuring Prince’s vocal range and guitar prowess that resonated deeply with listeners from various walks of life alike – inspiring listeners to embrace their spiritual side!

Purple Rain was first released as the title track to Prince’s classic film of the same name in 1984 and has become a cultural icon ever since. Both its music and its iconic guitar solo have touched millions around the world; its lyrics reflect on both loss and resilience; both are elements of life that Purple Rain explores beautifully.

Another R&B legend, the late LL Cool J is featured here along with Dr. Dre. This song is an emotive ballad about love’s transformative power in your life and how it can shape its future – catchy lyrics make this timeless.

Makin’ Good Love, Avant’s debut single from their sophomore album, is an intimate lullaby that captures the direction R&B was taking during the ’90s. With sensual lyrics and emotive vocals from Kele Okereke, it adds depth and intensity unlike many R&B love songs.

Zero is an upbeat track from Chris Brown’s album Royalty that celebrates liberation after an unsuccessful relationship. The music video displays Brown’s extraordinary dance moves. Zero reached number 80 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Furthermore, Cannibal Corpse covered this song.