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Bass Guitar Magazine

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced bass player, bass guitar magazine provides the latest gear reviews and tuition columns written by pro players from every genre. The prestigious title also includes transcriptions and demos to help you nail those essential basslines. Early cover stars included rock, jazz and fusion legends like Jaco Pastorius, […]

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A Bass Guitar Jackson Review

Jackson basses are known for their sleek designs and aggressive aesthetic, which attract hard rock and metal guitarists. Jackson basses produce powerful bass tones capable of accommodating thrash and heavy styles such as thrash. Their JS Concert Bass models include passive Jackson humbucking pickups for enhanced stability and bolder tone; additionally their HiMass bridge adds

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Bass Guitar Playing – How to Add Scales and Arpeggios to Your Playing

An expert bassist knows how to craft lines that blend in seamlessly with the kick and snare drums of their drummer’s kick drum, creating a seamless soundscape. To do so, however, requires both impeccable technique and rhythm reading skills. Listening to songs you already know and attempting to identify the bass line will help. Listening

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