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Guitar EQ Pedal Reviews

EQ pedals enable guitarists to fine-tune their tone by altering the volume of different frequencies, making them an invaluable asset to their sound. A great choice for anyone seeking to expand upon their sound. Pedal designers are getting inventive, packing studio-quality effects into compact stompboxes to expand your musical palette like never before. Here are …

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Bass Guitar Pedals

Bass guitar pedals provide an extra dimension to your tone. In addition to ensuring your bass won’t sound muddy, these pedals can also give you interesting and unique sounds that will spark your creativity. Some pedals can offer multiple effects in a single unit, making them more cost-effective and saving space on your pedalboard. Octave …

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Guitar Pedals on Bass

Many guitarists utilize guitar pedals on bass instruments in order to produce unique sounds that showcase their music and express themselves. Not all pedals, however, are suitable for this instrument because some pedals focus on frequencies which do not correspond well with it. As guitar EQ pedals focus on different frequencies, when used with bass …

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