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Music Sad DP – Evoke Your Emotions

Music can evoke many different feelings. Sadness and joy are common responses elicited by musical compositions from across cultures. Research has demonstrated that listening to sad music increases self-referential thoughts, leading to activation in certain DMN regions such as vmPFC and dmPFC regions of the brain. Furthermore, these studies reveal an increase in centrality for …

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Dance Music Jamaica

Dancehall music echoes the reality of life for Jamaicans living under harsher circumstances than those depicted by reggae music, from gang warfare to gun violence; its call for peace resonates deeply within listeners worldwide. Dancehall emerged during political unrest of the late 1970s and quickly become Jamaica’s dominant music genre. Central to dancehall is deejays …

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Home Studio Essentials

Home studio essentials should include a sturdy microphone stand, pop filter to reduce vocal plosives and high quality cables – cheap ones may cause unwanted background noise or cause the microphone to distort sound quality. As well as needing a computer and audio interface, production software such as DAW (digital audio workstation) will also be …

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