Indie Alternative Italian Music

Italy has long been known for producing some wonderful indie alternative music. Here we highlight a few of our favourite Italian bands from both past and present eras. CCCP are one of the most distinctive and original Italian new wave bands. While their style was heavily influenced by English bass-driven post-punk classic bands (think Umberto

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What Defines Electronic Music?

Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, is a genre that combines digital and analogue musical equipment to produce danceable songs that sound precise and full, unlike many acoustic genres that need significant audio engineering to sound clear. EDM originated in the mid-1980s when DJs began using sampler-sequencers and bass line generators to craft beats, leading to

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Electronic Music History Podcast

Podcasting is an innovative new way for music fans to access and consume audio content. Podcasts combine recordings with text, video and graphics – offering fans another means of accessing audio recordings. Podcasts are an invaluable way for musicians to expand their audience, connecting them directly with fans. Here are 10 podcasts specifically for artists

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What is the Best Software For Home Recording Studio?

If your home recording efforts have progressed to professional-grade recordings, investing in professional-grade software may be wise. Sweetwater offers an expansive selection of titles from top developers – making it simple for you to find something suitable. If you’re new to digital audio production and editing, Audacity may be an ideal place to start. With

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Death Metal Music Generator

Death metal music generators are computer programs designed to generate songs through analysis of existing music and writing new lyrics, or learning guitar playing itself. Two musical technologists Zack Zukowski and CJ Carr have developed an artificial intelligence that creates metal music based on any music fed into it, such as audio tracks from real

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