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Heavy Metal Music 2020

In the 1980s, glam metal reigned supreme as a popular form of music while more extreme styles such as black and death metal gained momentum among audiences. These extreme styles often dealt with dark themes such as murder, exorcism, cannibalism and cannibalism; all characteristics that fall within their respective genres. Musicologists believe that metal songs […]

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Death Metal Music Explained

Many people conflate death metal music with violence; this is a common misperception. A study conducted by Thompson revealed that death metal listeners actually feel empowered and at peace while listening to this genre. Bands such as Atheist and Cynic took the genre in an unconventional direction by employing jazz-fusion style compositions and exploring philosophical

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Heavy Metal Music News

Heavy metal musicians and fans have come under attack over recent years, with music blamed for everything from crime and violence to depression and suicide. According to UCL anthropology PhD student Lindsay Bishop’s new research, metal music is actually an inclusive musical community that embraces multiple religions and sexual orientations. Scorpions After a brief hiatus,

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Black Metal Vs Death Metal Vs Thrash Metal

Non-metal listeners usually associate metal music with thrash and death metal genres, often featuring fast tempos, guttural vocals, and lyrics that focus on violence or murder themes. Black metal music explores themes such as nature, mysticism and antireligious sentiment through raw sound accentuated by blast beats and tremolo-picked guitar riffs. Themes Black metal music often

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Why Death Metal Is Bad

Critics have long accused death metal lyrics of encouraging violence, sexism and misogyny; yet fans say the music offers an exhilarating and liberating experience. Thompson’s research also discovered that death metal fans tend to score lower on empathy tests than non-fans. This could be related to lyrics depicting violent and gory scenarios which don’t reflect

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