How Much For Drum Lessons?

The cost of drum lessons depends on several different factors. First of all, lessons usually last 30 minutes in duration but some teachers offer longer sessions. Another consideration when selecting tuition is whether to opt for online or face-to-face lessons. While online lessons tend to be cheaper, they do not provide direct interaction between tutor

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Jazz Drums For Beginners

Jazz’s most basic beat is a ride cymbal rhythm based on triplet feel; beginners need to familiarize themselves with this beat for maximum comprehension. Try playing this pattern using only the bass drum and high hat on 2 and 4. When comfortable, add an additional bass drum beat when needed. Learning the Basics Learning new

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Are Drums Easy to Learn?

Drums can be an extremely challenging instrument to master, and prolonged practice sessions can cause injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome as well as strain on shoulders, arms and back. No matter if you choose to learn on your own or with a teacher, the key to successful musical growth lies in setting realistic goals and

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