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Are Bass and Guitar Cables the Same?

Cables are indispensable components in the vibrant symphony of music, quietly making sure everything sounds perfect. But choosing between all the available cables can be daunting task. Premium cable brands may claim superior tones due to differences in materials, shielding methods and capacitance; however, most of these differences are minor and won’t drastically change your …

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How Much Are Bass Lessons at Guitar Center?

Bassists are integral members of many genres of music. From Flea’s intricate scales to Lemmy’s chest-crushing power chords, Guitar Center can teach you how to hold down the groove! All instructors at their establishments undergo extensive background checks and have years of teaching experience, with lessons starting at $30 per half hour. Basic One-on-One Lessons …

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Buying a Bass Guitar

Bass guitars provide the foundation of any band. These versatile instruments can be played acoustically or plugged into amps for unique sounds. No matter if it’s an acoustic bass or electric, several factors will dictate which instrument best matches your playing style. Acoustic An acoustic bass guitar can be ideal for beginner players because it …

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