Folk Music in Jacksonville Florida

Folk music is a type of musical expression that draws upon traditional forms and patterns of communication, transmission, and performance. Its primary traits include being predominantly oral, socially engaged, and participatory in nature. Folk music is a diverse genre that exists both within communities and countries, often sounding more similar to popular music than art

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Bass Guitar Definition

If you’re thinking about learning to play bass guitar, it’s essential to understand its definition and how it differs from standard electric or acoustic guitars. This article will provide an introduction to this instrument and its unique qualities. The bass is a stringed instrument tuned to produce low notes. It usually plays in the rhythm

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Claremont’s Folk Music Center

Folk music often conjures up images of a lone singer accompanied by an enormous acoustic guitar, belting out poignant protest songs with intense emotion. Folk music has many nuances which are difficult to define. Established in 1958, the folk music center has been an integral part of Claremont’s music scene for decades. Music store The

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