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Why is Alternative Music Called Alternative?

Alternative music has traditionally been defined as music created outside of mainstream formats by performers not affiliated with major record labels. Subgenres within rock music include alt-rock, indie rock, garage alternative and goth rock. Today this genre is also famous for incorporating electronic music and rap to create fresh and unique sounds that many listeners […]

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Indie Alternative Italian Music

Italy has long been known for producing some wonderful indie alternative music. Here we highlight a few of our favourite Italian bands from both past and present eras. CCCP are one of the most distinctive and original Italian new wave bands. While their style was heavily influenced by English bass-driven post-punk classic bands (think Umberto

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Alternative For Indie Music

Alternative music is an umbrella term that encompasses numerous musical styles and genres. Although difficult to pin down precisely, alternative music tends to have an eclectic sound when compared with more mainstream forms of music. Alternative music began as a countercultural movement during the ’80s; however, its appeal eventually led it to being co-opted by

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The Difference Between Alternative Music and Indie Rock

Alternative music artists who are signed with an independent label tend to fare much better financially from their releases compared to those signed to major labels. This difference lies in how likely an indie band is to make money off its releases compared to if they had signed with one. Definition Alternative music and indie

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Why is Alternative Music Good?

Alternative music is a genre distinguished by its nonconformity and diversity. Generally, it features unconventional song structures, lyrics, and instrumentation. In the 1980s, this genre gained momentum due to a desire to break away from mainstream trends of that era. It’s Versatile Alternative music is a versatile genre that can be performed on various instruments.

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