Alternative For Indie Music

alternative for indie music

Alternative music is an umbrella term that encompasses numerous musical styles and genres. Although difficult to pin down precisely, alternative music tends to have an eclectic sound when compared with more mainstream forms of music.

Alternative music began as a countercultural movement during the ’80s; however, its appeal eventually led it to being co-opted by commercial music companies in the ’90s.


Automatic is an alternative indie music trio comprised of women who create alternative indie songs with an old school vibe. Comprised of Izzy Glaudini (synths, vocals), Lola Dompe (drums, vocals), and Halle Saxon-Gaines (bass), their sound combines raw cassette-recorded demos with punk energy for songs with exuberantly soulful hooks that keep fans coming back for more.

Automatic is defined as acting without deliberation; this term describes our brains’ natural functioning as well as what’s happening with our bodies. Automatic also describes actions we perform without thinking or awareness – like flashing a smile when someone enters, giving an automatic reply, or driving with your car’s autopilot turning on without human input needed – such as giving someone directions! While the above list of indie bands are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many more artists you should check out!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers have quickly become an alternative for indie music, and many fans appreciate their blend of rock, funk, punk and psychedelic rock. Newcomers or veterans of RHCP albums won’t go wrong when selecting one to listen to.

Actually, there are numerous bands with similar musical stylings as RHCP. From The White Stripes to The Strokes, here is our list of bands who sound similar so that you can listen to great music while waiting for RHCP’s next album release.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tribute song to Eddie Van Halen, who died at 47 in 1995, features the lyrics: ‘Please don’t remember him for what he did during his career or for his death; remember him instead for what he represents today.” If you are a fan of their band, give this piece of music a listen below – it might bring tears of emotion!

The Strokes

The Strokes were one of the most influential indie rock bands of the 2000s. They served as an immense source of inspiration to numerous artists like Tame Impala and Billie Eilish.

This group began as a punk band, but their sound quickly evolved to encompass elements from dance music and grunge into their music – ultimately producing an iconic style which still remains popular today.

Their debut, Is This It, became an instant classic and inspired young guitar bands to emulate them. On their sophomore effort Room on Fire, their sound evolved further still, inspiring an entirely new wave of bands to follow suit.

They draw influence from multiple genres of music, particularly industrial metal and psychedelic rock – which can be heard in their frenetic motorik rhythm styles that pervade their songs. Furthermore, there is also an influence from The Velvet Underground found in their lyrics and vocal style of frontman Julian Casablancas.

Bob Marley has been an immense source of influence for The Strokes. They cite him as their favorite singer-songwriter and have even used some of his lyrics in some songs by them. This reggae legend has had a significant impact on their music – providing some of its most political lyrics as inspiration.

Cyndi Lauper and The Velvet Underground have both had an enormous effect on The Strokes; both acts represent important rock songwriters from the 1980s whose music has had a tremendous effect.

These songs have become some of the most beloved in history, inspiring countless other bands worldwide. Recently, The Strokes’ album The New Abnormal has been an enormous hit among millennials and is trending on social media like TikTok.

Vampire Weekend and LCD Soundsystem have also drawn significant inspiration from them, especially Vampire Weekend with their highly political yet humorous lyrics, drawing large followings due to its brilliant lyricism.

The White Stripes

Jack and Meg White had only just begun experimenting with punk rock, folk music, country, and Mississippi Delta blues when they founded The White Stripes in Detroit in 1997. But by the time they achieved success they had developed an undeniably unique sound.

White Blood Cells was released in 2001 and quickly made headlines in the music press due to Michel Gondry’s stunning video for “Fell in Love with a Girl,” becoming their first Top 40 radio hit and selling over one million copies worldwide – ultimately earning them a Grammy Award as best alternative music album.

Elephant was their third studio record and its title track became their first Top 40 single on Billboard Singles Chart and Grammy winner.

After their success, the band continued creating innovative and distinctive music. In March 2009, Jack founded his own record label called Third Man Records to allow them to continue releasing material in physical formats like vinyl and CD.

The White Stripes’ popularity may have declined over the years, yet they continue to be an integral part of alternative music and the rock n’ roll canon. They have often been called one of the greatest bands ever and serve as an influence for numerous other groups.

However, news that Jack and Meg had decided to part ways has sent shock waves through their fans. Many individuals posted comments on Twitter praising the band’s music while expressing their sorrow over this development.

Meg’s response was less favorable and quickly became the subject of heated online discussion. Former journalist Lachlan Markay took issue with Meg’s four-four drumming style and asserted that she would have made an even greater contribution had she expanded her repertoire beyond four-four.