Is Ukulele Music Relaxing?

Ukuleles are portable instruments ideal for beginners looking to learn how to play their favorite songs and create original compositions. They make an excellent starter instrument. Ukuleles offer less playing options than guitars, making them suitable for novice players looking to keep their creative juices flowing and avoid becoming one-trick ponies. It’s Easy to Pick […]

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5 Ukulele Songs Advanced

Metronome-driven songs present a great musical challenge. Here are five advanced ukulele songs to help expand your repertoire and help expand as a musician. Classic rock tunes such as CCR’s Bad Moon can make for a wonderful ukulele rendition, providing the opportunity to practice chords of C, F and G alongside quick down strums to

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Ukulele Music Happy

Ukulele music happy can be an expressive way of sharing your passion for this instrument and connecting with others through it. A great songwriter knows how to balance melody and harmony. The chord progressions that complement your melody give your song its overall sound. 1. “Tonight You Belong to Me” The ukulele is an accessible

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Buying a Ukulele

Ukuleles offer plenty of choices. Their sizes, wood types, and prices vary widely. Ukuleles have long been associated with Hawaiian music, perhaps more as the result of extensive advertising than anything else. Their musical notes create an uplifting and delightful sound which leaves people feeling optimistic. They’re also ideal for layering acoustic guitar tracks in

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