Learn Piano With an App

There’s an app for virtually everything these days: cooking, brain training, origami folding and folding, lucid dreaming and piano learning. Piano apps combine video tutorials with interactive lessons in a game-like format to encourage practice of the instrument. It offers basic instruction in chords, composition and improvisation using popular music as its teaching vehicle; however,

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Play Piano Guys

The Piano Guys have garnered widespread success through their music videos featuring piano and cello playing together. They’ve performed in Utah salt flats, along the edge of Grand Canyon National Park and at Brazil’s Iguazu Falls. Paul Anderson, owner of a piano store, formed the group. He approached Jon Schmidt who knew Steven Sharp Nelson

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How Piano Is Played

As you start playing piano for the first time, the keys may seem intimidating. When starting out it helps to know that there are seven white keys. Each color key corresponds to one letter of the alphabet. Black keys represent octaves; an octave is 12 notes (or semi tones) higher from where you began playing.

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