Play Piano Missoula

Play piano Missoula is a free public art project which strategically positions three pianos throughout downtown Missoula to showcase visual art and music, contributing to place-making efforts, building community pride and cultivating pride of place in Missoula.

Cassandra Bak is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Montana and also teaches piano at PLAY Piano Academy in Missoula.


Piano lessons offer beginners an effective and cost-effective way to start their musical journey, yet can be costly. Therefore, beginning students should prioritize finding the most qualified instructors to make sure that they get the most from their lessons. Professional piano teachers will teach beginners proper technique from day one in order to prevent bad habits from developing over time and improve performance; plus they provide guidance from beginner through advanced levels with setting goals and setting targets for their continued development.

The cost of piano lessons varies based on both experience and teaching level. For instance, an expert piano teacher with a bachelor’s degree may charge more than someone just starting out and taking their first lesson. Furthermore, teachers in larger cities typically charge more than those located in smaller towns; additionally in-home lessons may cost more due to gas and time costs associated with driving there and back again.

Pianists add an elegant and memorable element to any event, from weddings and corporate parties to charity galas and charity ball. Pianists can perform in various genres such as classical music, jazz, blues or pop, making any gathering even more festive and providing background music during ceremonies or first dance songs for couples. Furthermore, pianists can provide sound systems so guests can hear everything that’s being played during events like these.

Pianists make great entertainment options at private parties and events, including birthdays and graduations. Some pianists even provide videos of their performance so friends and family members can witness it first-hand! Pianists provide an impressive way of showing off their talent, impressing loved ones while showing them just what their skills can do!

Grow Music offers more than private piano lessons; we also host internationally-recognized guest artists and clinicians for residencies and performances, from master classes for students to teaching workshops at our annual Keyboard Festival, solo recitals, as well as consultation on practice methods and music theory.

No matter if it’s for yourself or a child, finding the ideal instructor can make all of the difference in learning to play piano. Beginners should always start their piano journey with an experienced piano teacher to ensure that they learn the appropriate techniques from day one and avoid bad habits like bad posture or poor technique from their mentor. Furthermore, beginners should prioritize piano practice sessions so as to lay a firm foundation for future musical endeavors.


When searching for a pianist for an event, it is crucial that they possess both experience and qualifications that meet your requirements. Before making your choice, review photos, videos and audio samples of their performances; this will give an indication of their style, song list selection as well as how well they work at events similar to your own. Finally, read reviews written by other clients regarding their services to gain further insights into who’s right for the job!

Pianists who have worked at weddings, parties and corporate events are an excellent choice for your event. They will understand the requirements associated with these types of occasions and know how to engage the crowd during performances. Furthermore, these artists typically possess an array of songs suitable for different types of gatherings and occasions.

Musicians with degrees in music typically qualify to teach piano lessons, often charging lower rates than non-music degree holders. But it is important to keep in mind that not all musicians are equal; some excel at teaching beginners while others may find working with young children challenging.

Play it Missoula has been providing pianos to Downtown locations since June of 2018. These pianos were generously donated by businesses in Missoula and painted by artists to add individuality and enhance First Friday festivities. Three pianos will be delivered this Friday during First Friday festivities.

Attending group studio classes at universities is another fantastic option for music students looking to develop their talents, providing students with access to experienced faculty members while meeting fellow music students – this option may also be great if private music lessons are too costly for you!

UM’s Applied Music Program offers both one on one private lessons and group studio classes for both individuals and small group studies. Individual lessons cater more directly to each student’s personal goals and learning style, such as studying solo works or orchestra excerpts on their instrument while honing reading and listening skills.


If you’re planning an event that requires piano players, it is imperative that you find someone experienced. When searching for pianists for hire, look for ones who have performed at weddings, private parties and other functions before. When hiring one for yourself or an event you host, find one who has performed at weddings, private parties and other occasions; make sure they can play various styles of music as well as being friendly to work with and accommodating to different situations. As well as researching their performance history check their photos or videos of them playing as well as reading reviews from former clients to see what their clients thought about hiring their chosen pianist before selecting someone for yourself!

Adam Sears of Missoula has been playing piano since age six. Currently studying under University of Montana teacher Amelia Thornton Sears, Adam has also played oboe and saxophone throughout his musical life and presented several pedagogy workshops for Montana state music teachers during collegiate years while serving as graduate teaching assistant for their piano department at UM. Since 1992 he has offered both private and group piano lessons.

She loves hiking, crocheting and taking Winston for walks around town in her free time. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Montana with Dr. Adam Collins as her mentor; performing cello in pit orchestras for Bright Star, Matilda and She Loves Me productions locally as well as competing in UM Concerto/Aria competition.

She has worked as both an accompanist and music director. She enjoys helping students explore their creativity while developing an appreciation of music. Music brings people together and fosters understanding among cultures – she’s thrilled to join Play It Missoula team this summer! She hopes that you’ll come join her out there on the streets!


The School of Music at the University of Montana is an active hub of musicians, educators and creators. Offering ensembles, courses and performance opportunities to all levels of students as well as serving as an excellent training ground for those hoping to pursue a career in music, this dynamic educational facility prides itself on offering an enriching and diverse learning experience that feeds musical souls.

UM’s piano teachers are among the finest in Michigan. With extensive professional performing experience and a dedication to teaching their students, these passionate musicians believe strongly in the transformative power of music to change lives. Our selection includes one-on-one private lessons, group lessons and summer programs – each instructor offers something different!

Professional pianists add a magical touch to any special event, whether it’s an elegant cocktail party, wedding reception or casual birthday celebration. Their elegant yet relaxing presence creates lasting memories for guests who attend. Many professional pianists specialize in weddings, corporate functions and other special events and have years of experience creating custom playlists tailored specifically for these occasions.

Piano lessons typically range between $35 to $90 an hour depending on a teacher’s education and performing level, lesson length, location and frequency of lessons; online piano lessons often cost less.

PLAY Piano Academy of Missoula provides early childhood music education classes for toddlers and preschoolers. Their program places a strong emphasis on play and movement to encourage language, motor and social development as well as provide parents with an enjoyable way to teach music to their child(ren).

Thumbtack and Takelessons provide access to an expansive pool of teachers, yet finding quality piano instructors at an affordable cost is sometimes challenging. Most don’t possess music degrees themselves while those that do often specialize in something other than piano lessons – making it hard for users to locate quality teachers with adequate expertise at an acceptable price.

Bethany has shared the stage with Portland Cello Project and opened for The Decemberists, Devil Makes Three and Bill Callahan. Currently she teaches piano and violin at University of Montana Missoula as well as providing private piano and violin lessons. In addition, Bethany serves as part-time member of String Orchestra of the Rockies while performing with avant-folk band Missincinatti.