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No one disputes that racism has deep roots within the banjo’s history; what may not be as well understood, however, is how racism has affected and changed this instrument over time. This article looks into this aspect.


The banjo is a musical instrument with origins in West Africa that were brought over to America via slave ships by enslaved Africans who became enslaved themselves and made part of rural American folk culture, becoming adopted into various musical genres such as bluegrass and old-time music; jazz; Dixieland and Caribbean genres such as biguine calypso mento have also used this musical instrument extensively.

The term, “Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos”, originated with the 1972 movie Deliverance. This quote refers to their theme song featuring dueling banjos in it; so as a reference.

Modern society has made banjo a symbol of American culture and tradition, often associated with folk, country and bluegrass music – as well as African-American cultural identity – and popular fashion accessories; celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Mumford and Sons have even worn outfits featuring banjo-inspired patterns to show their support.

The banjo is an extremely versatile musical instrument, boasting many styles and techniques. You can play it using either fingers or pick, with various tunings available to suit various musical genres. Furthermore, its drone note emulates guitar chords; traditionally left handers played this part and right handeders played chords above it; more recently though both hands use drone notes simultaneously.


Old-Time banjo players often utilize one or two fingers in combination with their thumb and index finger to play various roll patterns on the banjo. This technique is known as ‘Two Finger Picking” or “Three Finger Picking”, both styles can be played using metal finger picks and provide limitless musical possibilities.

Many banjo players use right hand stroke techniques to produce an intriguing knocking sound from the strings, known as knocking. To accomplish this, they often bend at awkward angles which restrict blood flow and may strain their upper back; to prevent this straining process from happening too often most players stand up or pace around when practicing knocking techniques.

When mic’ing up a banjo, it is crucial that the microphones are placed correctly to produce optimal tone. For optimal results, mic the banjo resonator head below the bridge while positioning an omni lavaliere microphone above its neck where your picking hand rests – this setup will reduce pickup noise from strings and resonator heads as well as produce clear, crisp sound with great dynamic range. In addition, using this setup may help eliminate unwanted resonances from your instrument.


Before the universe existed, God dreamed of humans strumming and plucking strings to produce twangy sounds. We responded to that dream and invented banjo-like instruments such as the banjo. Through these sounds, He communicates His message that we should live wisely and kindly in an ever-evolving universe where new experiences come our way and each new beginning awaits us all.

Finding our inner banjo involves playing it and letting its melody fill our minds. Listening to music that speaks to us or practicing mindfulness with an unhurried approach are other ways of finding our banjo’s song.

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The banjo is an iconic musical instrument found in numerous popular movies and TV shows, such as Broadway hit Hello Dolly! and Annie musical. Its origin remains controversial – some believe its name comes from Portuguese bandore while others maintain that its meaning comes from Kimbundu word mbanza. Shop t-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor & more created by independent artists that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways.