Happy Ukulele Music 10 Hours

Royalty free ukulele music for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram videos is now available – perfect for motivational films and other positive projects! This cheerful melody makes an impressionable impression in video productions across platforms.

Simple chords and an easily repeating strumming pattern make this song easy to play on ukulele. While chord changes might initially prove tricky to master, practice will make them much simpler.

1. Ukulele for Life

With ukuleles being so simple to learn, learning music has never been more accessible. Even songs that contain challenging chords on other instruments such as guitars can often be converted to the ukulele with relative ease.

Ukuleles offer a more relaxed approach to musical writing. With less playing and writing options than guitars, pianos or synthesizers, the ukulele can bring an invigorating quality that may otherwise be lost with today’s more complex technologies used by songwriters.

Discover how to strum the ukulele with this course that covers all the fundamentals of folk, Latin and rock strumming techniques. Build right hand strength, dexterity and speed for confident playing!

2. Happiness

Have you spent any time among ukulele enthusiasts? They say playing the uke makes people happy; whether this be due to its tropical origins or sound as though you are living on one or more tropical paradise islands is unknown.

Music can evoke many different feelings in listeners – not just happiness – which range from sadness and reflection, through thoughtfulness, anger or excitement, all the way up to offering comfort during times of hardship or loss – often along with making us smile as an added benefit!

3. Happy Go Lucky

Bright acoustic ukulele music that exudes positivity. This royalty free track features relaxing rhythm and joyful chords to bring positive energy and create a feel good vibe, making it perfect background music for commercials, videos or any projects seeking to convey lightheartedness and optimism. Ukulele plays a prominent role in this track alongside acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and whistling for an upbeat sound that is sure to lift spirits.

This track would work well on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms where royalty-free music is acceptable. Download it from Uppbeat – the music platform designed specifically for creators – for instant third party claims clearance – saving both time and money when using this track in your content creation process.

4. Summer Folk

Summerfolk Festival of Folk Music is one of Canada’s premier folk music events, boasting performances by Juno Award-winners and traditional working class folk artists to contemporary singer-songwriters. Additionally, Summerfolk provides the ideal opportunity for art classes and experiencing creativity within a magnificent festival environment.

Royalty-free ukulele music is an ideal solution for projects requiring an upbeat and positive atmosphere, including YouTube videos, slideshows, tutorials, family videos, business and travel videos, lifestyle/fashion videos montages etc.

Upbeat acoustic ukulele track featuring claps, snaps, glockenspiel, whistling and percussion (sticks and shakers). This summer folk song boasts an upbeat melody with cheerful energy to bring positivity and create positive content; ideal for Youtube, TikTok Instagram or other social media platforms without copyright concerns or copyright claims! Enjoy unlimited downloads without copyright issues.

5. Upbeat & Fun

This acoustic ukulele summer folk track features a happy, cheerful sound full of claps, snaps, glockenspiel and drums for an upbeat and engaging listen. Perfect for marketing videos, lifestyle/travel videos, tutorials slideshows or montages

Bring on the quirkiness with this playful collection of melodies! Perfect for comedic sketches and lighthearted videos that teeter on the edge between comedy and drama.

Harmonies are an essential element of the ukulele sound. Harmony creation on ukulele chords is easy and instantly makes songs sound fuller, while adding depth and complexity to your music due to more notes to play with than simply one note at a time. Harmonics also add interest by giving listeners something new each time they listen – something your audience will surely want more of!

6. Cheerful

If you need something cheerful to help lift your mood, look no further. With its combination of ukulele, glockenspiel, whistling and foot stomping sounds this royalty-free track will surely leave you smiling!

Play this Dolly Parton song using only four simple chords – C, F, G7 and Am. The strumming pattern is straightforward as well – mostly DDUUDUD for optimal learning! Perfect for beginning musicians.

Popular songs tend to be easier for novice ukulele players to learn due to familiarity. Even songs with complex strumming patterns or chord changes may become easier with repetition: chords only change once per measure so practice makes perfect. Doing this builds confidence while speeding up learning time.

7. Upbeat & Uplifting

Ukulele and glockenspiel combine for an upbeat, happy track that will have you wanting to dance! Clapping, whistles, whistling and foot stomping round out this delightful track; adding even more bounce is a lazy half time drum kit that helps elevate the experience – perfect for commercials, YouTube videos or marketing materials!

Blithe and positive summery pop talk over with playful ukulele melody, cheerful piano chords, xylophone, upright bass and an easygoing beat that conveys feelings of joy, holiday and sunshine.

Royalty free ukulele music can be found everywhere from videos on social media like YouTube, Twitch and Instagram to presentations, YouTube channel intros, vlogs, lifestyle and travel videos, business presentations, inspirational motivational corporate tutorial slideshow montages family and kids projects – it even works great as happy commercials and advertising!

8. Good Vibes

With its playful melodies and playful ukulele chords, this song is guaranteed to spread joy. Its catchy melody and funky instrumentals are great for commercials, children’s videos, family projects, or any content intended to bring smiles or bring positive energy.

This beautiful Hawaiian ukulele tune may take some practice to perfect, but with perseverance you will soon master this delightful tune by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. He took elements from two traditional songs and combined them into this melodic composition that inspires hope for better times ahead.

Mele Kalikimaka is an ideal song for beginning ukulele players, being easy to sing along to and playing well on the instrument. First master the C and G chords before adding in any Em chords as needed – you’ll soon be singing along to this classic track in no time!

9. Upbeat & Inspiring

This upbeat and inspiring ukulele music track is perfect for creating an airy atmosphere in any creative project that calls for light-hearted atmosphere. Boasting ukulele, glockenspiel, whistles and claps this cheerful instrumental music will bring smiles to YouTube videos, corporate marketing material and beyond! Relaxed rhythms and hopeful chord progressions evoke feelings of happiness, positivity and hope in listeners; use this royalty-free ukulele background music in videos uploaded to Instagram, Twitch or TikTok to reach audiences quickly while clearing any potential third party copyright claims that could arise quickly (usually 24 to 96 hours or sooner!). License this track with one click and release your content if any copyright claims arise!

10. Upbeat & Positive

This happy ukulele music features a cheerful and positive tone, featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, whistling and catchy glockenspiel lines in an upbeat pop style. Perfect for commercials, explainer videos and business presentations looking to send an optimistic and upbeat message, this royalty free track would also work beautifully as part of an upbeat presentation!

Note to YouTube Users: Please be aware that this track includes some musical elements from other sources which could trigger Third Party Content claims on your videos. To quickly resolve these claims within 96 hours, use this link! Thank you!