Top 10 Rnb Music Remixes of All Time

rnb music remix

Remixes in music refer to any alteration made to an existing track by adding or changing vocalists or musicians, altering its tempo or instrumental elements or both.

Remixing has become an integral component of contemporary dance music. Remixing allows one song to appeal to multiple musical genres and dance venues; additionally, remixing helps producers establish their own distinctive sound while broadening their audience base.

Lil Wayne – Lollipop (Kanye West Remix)

Lil Wayne has established himself as one of the premier rappers of this era, setting an influential precedent that has inspired generations of rappers such as Future, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Uzi Vert.

Lil Wayne has long been one of the most prolific rappers, producing an abundance of music over 20 years. While most generational talents who reach superstar status may shy away from dropping new tunes due to a sense of responsibility for being one of rap’s greats, Lil Wayne continues to release music at an alarmingly rapid rate despite this status.

Weezy has such an expansive discography that even he forgets some lyrics of his songs sometimes! In an interview with Fox Sports’ Darnell Smith, Weezy was asked to read from one of his iconic tracks “Lollipop (Remix).” Weezy was stunned that he hadn’t written down any lyrics!

Wayne released Tha Carter III in 2008 to great acclaim, reaching #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling over one million copies within its first week of release.

Wayne joined forces with Miami producers Jim Jonsin and Polow Da Don to produce some of his weirdest, psychedelic tracks yet on Tha Carter III. Jonsin’s synth arpeggio creates an uneasy yet weightless atmosphere; Static Major wrote lyrics with haunting beauty, providing the ideal accompaniment for Wayne’s seductive flow.

Static Major did not live to see “Lollipop” released, yet he is honored in its dedication. Tragically, Static suffered a sudden heart attack three months before Wayne released the song and is memorialized in its lyrics.

Wayne had many accomplishments as an artist, yet also endured some difficult periods in his life. As a child he attempted suicide; later that same year in 2003 he was shot in the chest but survived despite this experience, which caused his relationship with Cash Money to become somewhat strained.

Over time, Cash Money became one of the most lucrative rap labels ever. It became an extremely lucrative enterprise; rappers under its banner sold some of the highest-selling albums ever created.

Wayne released Rebirth just before having to serve his sentence on Rikers Island for gun possession; it was an overwhelming success but not his finest work.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Biggie Smalls (DeBarge Remix)

Biggie Smalls’s debut single was an instantaneous smash hit when released in 1994, catapulting him straight to the top of the charts. DeBarge’s remix proved especially beloved; even today it remains one of the finest R&B music remixes ever.

Biggie made history when his song, “Big Poppa”, became the first rap track ever to top Billboard Hot 100 chart and become the highest debuting RnB track until Michael Jackson released “You Are Not Alone” in 1995. Additionally, its memorable lines are also among his finest work; Biggie’s lyrics both satirical and poetically describe life in New York with brutal honesty. Additionally, this track stands out for being the first rap tune ever to make Billboard Hot 100 history and being first ever debut rnb track until Michael Jackson released “You Are Not Alone”.

Things Done Changed from Ready to Die is another stand-out release from Biggie, showing his ability to blend a wide array of influences. Utilizing samples from East Coast soulsters The Main Ingredient and West Coast provocateur Dr Dre, Biggie offers an insightful assessment of street culture while warning about crime, guns, and drugs in his local neighbourhood.

This song contains an intriguing sample from Lou Donaldson’s “Who’s Making Love?,” not found on its original version but used on both its Clean version and bonus disc.

Kick In The Door from Ready to Die captures some of the unhinged energy Biggie brought to his music. In this track he attacks numerous rappers such as Jeru The Damaja, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah while simultaneously showing his skills as both an MC and brutality as a robber – even making an explicit reference to Tupac!

Although the track was an enormous hit, it also generated controversy, fuelling allegations that Biggie was involved with Tupac’s shooting. Regardless of these rumours, however, it remained an important piece of hip-hop history; boasting an eerie sample from an important phone call between Biggie and Diddy and featuring dark lyrics which underscore the pressure he was under at that time.

Wu-Tang Clan – You’re All I Need to Get By (RZA Remix)

The Wu-Tang Clan has established themselves as one of the most iconic and influential hip-hop groups ever, their lyrics having an enormous effect on hip-hop genre. Indeed, their hard-hitting beats have had a tremendous influence over many artists as well as shaping its sound today.

This group boasts an illustrious legacy, producing many timeless songs such as “Uzi (Pinky Ring),” “Protect Ya Neck,” and “C.R.E.A.M.”

Method Man is one of the Wu-Tang Clan members most renowned for his powerful yet gritty approach to rap. His powerful delivery and unique style has cemented him a place among hip-hop royalty.

His debut solo single “Method Man,” from the 1993 Wu-Tang Clan album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), remains his most influential work. A catchy yet provocative hit that went platinum and cemented him as an important figure within genre, “Method Man” quickly established him as an industry veteran.

Meth was known for not only his impressive lyrics but also for his melodies and catchy hooks – an effect heard clearly on this track’s alluring chorus. His raspy smoke-strained voice enabled melodic, sing-song cadences reminiscent of television jingles to produce memorable musical cadences that will resonate for years.

Meth’s lyrics on this track reflect his experiences growing up in the Bronx, detailing how life can be tough for children living in violent areas. He shows an ability to relate with urban youth by providing an inspiring yet heartfelt message.

RZA’s remix is a striking and powerful version, featuring a sample from Dennis Coffey from The Dramatics’ “In the Rain”, as well as slight modifications to drums. Rougher production elements add depth and dimension that emphasize the song’s dark side while simultaneously giving an added sensuality.

As part of Wu-Tang’s 20th anniversary celebrations, we decided to look back at some of their finest tracks from throughout their career and let two of hip-hop’s premier producers DJ Premier and The RZA create remixes that are sure to leave an impactful mark. Together they have an incredible track record creating exceptional remixes which are certain to leave an indelible mark with any fan of RnB music.

Diddy – Come & Talk To Me (Jodeci Remix)

Diddy is one of the biggest names in music, establishing his place as an influential songwriter, producer and rapper since 1982. Working with artists of different genres across his career – Diddy is unique because he can combine these different sounds together into innovative new sounds!

One of the greatest examples of this blending of musical styles can be seen in Diddy and Jodeci’s 1991 hit “Come & Talk To Me (Remix).” It marked Diddy’s initial attempt at creating an R&B style influenced directly from Hip-Hop culture; thus setting off a decade of R&B/Hip-Hop music production.

Jodeci’s song began life as a demo recorded for their North Carolina group after signing to Uptown Records through Al B. Sure!, an Alamance County recording artist who mentored them. While their initial demo was rough, Heavy D and G-Whiz from The Boyz along with DeVante Swing helped refine and shape it into something more polished.

Jodeci, with its humble beginnings, rose to become one of the world’s most successful groups. While their sound was gritty and raw, they never lost touch with their roots: Their songs featured rhythmic elements from both funk and soul music which they learned at an early age.

One year later, Diddy would modify Jodeci’s “Come & Talk To Me” groove and create his own version of what would later become known as the “New Jack Swing” style – creating his own genre which combined traditional R&B with fast-paced rhythms and high-energy production found in hip hop music.

This hybrid style proved immensely successful and became the cornerstone of R&B music for decades to come. Hip hop soul eventually gave birth to superstars such as Aaliyah, Mariah Carey and TLC who would go on to define this genre of music.

Diddy’s success with his style prompted him to establish Bad Boy Records, where his family of R&B and hip-hop artists would dominate the music scene for over a decade. While Diddy and Bad Boy may no longer exist as an entity, their influence still lives on.