Heavy Metal Music on SiriusXM

heavy metal music siriusxm

SiriusXM provides many channels dedicated to heavy metal for those who enjoy listening. While some channels only play old songs from existing bands, others spotlight new talent.

Liquid Metal is one of the many channels highlighting new music on a regular basis. Most recently, Lorna Shore’s “Sun//Eater” earned the top spot on Liquid Metal’s 2022 year-end top tracks list.

Liquid Metal

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Ozzy’s Boneyard

Sirius XM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard channel showcases classic hard rock and metal music from bands such as Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Dio, Motorhead Iron Maiden Van Halen plus specials featuring Ozzy Osbourne himself as well as family members as well as stories about his career from Ozzy himself. Additionally the station includes shows and specials featuring Ozzy Osbourne himself alongside stories from him about his career journey.

Ozzy’s Boneyard, one of the most-listened-to channels on Sirius XM, provides classic rock and heavy metal music as well as live sports programming and entertainment shows. Additionally, Sirius XM hosts numerous other channels created in collaboration with well-known musicians.

Sirius XM announced in January 2012 that Ozzy’s Boneyard would replace its old “Boneyard” channel on Sirius XM, leading to several shows hosted by Eddie Trunk and Jim Norton being cancelled or moved elsewhere on their radio channel. As part of this change, many shows that were once on Ozzy’s Boneyard have either been relocated elsewhere on Sirius XM, including those hosted by Eddie Trunk.

Sirius XM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard station is an exciting new offering from Sirius, offering hard rock and metal music from artists like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden Rush Dio. Additionally there will be specials hosted by Ozzy Osbourne himself, his family members or other celebrated musicians.

Ozzy’s Boneyard stands out as an alternative to Hair Nation by featuring classic rock and hard rock music exclusively. Run by Jose Mangin who is very knowledgeable of both genres of rock music, Ozzy’s Boneyard provides listeners looking for heavy tunes without too much digging around to access.

Shannon Gunz is another incredible radio host on Ozzy’s Boneyard who possesses plenty of rock DJ experience. She regularly broadcasts across three Sirius XM channels – Octane, Turbo and The Boneyard – demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of metal and punk rock as well as being an impressive comedian with many television appearances to her credit.

Ozzy’s Boneyard has quickly become one of the most-watched channels on Sirius XM and few channels can compete with it in terms of attention from listeners. To maintain its popularity, Sirius XM needs to continue providing quality content by investing in new technology and services while increasing prices for its subscription plans in order to ensure subscriber happiness.

Hair Nation

Hair Nation is a 24-hour rock party on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio and Direct TV featuring the biggest hits from glam metal acts such as Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Guns N’ Roses to name but a few.

This channel plays music that’s heavy and seductive, often featuring catchy choruses with lyrics focused on partying, drugs and women. Additionally, this station can help discover unheard-of bands not yet featured elsewhere on radio stations.

This channel also showcases classic 1980s hair bands like Motley Crue and Dokken – iconic groups from that era of rock that made huge impacts with their outrageous perms and big bangs.

Siriusxm offers numerous stations dedicated to metal music, such as Ozzy’s Boneyard for classic metal and Turbo for 90s/00s hard rock. Liquid Metal may provide access to some of today’s hottest metal bands while not providing as much classic rock content like Hair Nation or Ozzy’s Boneyard do.

Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation on Siriusxm is another popular metal station. For years he has been an influential voice in American rock and metal; from managing artists, to creating the country’s first metal radio show and hosting VH1’s That Metal Show.

Trunk Nation is one of the rare live music based shows on Siriusxm channels, featuring both music and talk/interview segments every Monday evening from 6-10 PM ET/3-7 Pacific on Hair Nation channel 39 (branded “Trunk Nation”).

Since 1983, he’s been hosting his own live rock and heavy metal music show that has quickly become an industry staple. Thanks to in-depth interviews, commentary and varied guest guests he is considered essential listening throughout America and Canada.

He also hosts the Sirius XM Hair Nation Festival each September at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, California, featuring various glam metal acts like Motley Crue, Poison and Guns N’ Roses. This incredible event brings fans back to an era when these acts reigned supreme.

Metal Nation

Siriusxm offers several heavy metal music channels, such as Liquid Metal, Octone, Ozzy’s Boneyard Hair Nation Turbo that you can stream online through an app or listen to directly on your radio.

Metal music began its reign of terror in the 1960s and is one of the world’s most beloved styles today. Subgenres include glam metal, thrash metal and death metal.

Over time, metal has also expanded with new forms like rap metal and nu metal appearing. Some of these styles incorporate hip hop and grunge elements into their music.

The 1980s witnessed a new generation of British heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Saxon that moved away from earlier styles with more aggressive soundscapes that blended rock influences as well as flashy guitar leads.

However, the genre was not without controversy. Critics charged its aggressive lyrics and nihilistic themes as contributing to everything from violent crime to suicide; however, these accusations were challenged by many fans and musicians, who countered that these songs addressed important issues rather than creating them.

Today, metal is an international phenomenon and encompasses an expansive spectrum of styles – from mainstream bands to underground groups and festivals that draw thousands of fans.

Los Angeles, California is home to an expansive metal community; here, renowned metal acts such as Pantera, Korn and Metallica first became well known during the 1990s.

Metal music in America has long been recognized as an alternative music genre with wide appeal among younger people, playing an essential part in American culture for decades.

Siriusxm offers heavy metal music fans several channels that they can stream directly on their satellite radio, mobile device or online streaming services.

One of the most popular hard rock and metal channels on Siriusxm are Hair Nation, Liquid Metal, Ozzy’s Boneyard and Turbo. While these stations tend to play similar music from similar bands over and over again, they do occasionally feature newer songs as well.