Audio Equipment Ann Arbor

audio equipment ann arbor

GIK Acoustics

GIK Acoustics is an audio equipment company located in Ann Arbor that offers an assortment of acoustic panels, bass traps, diffusers and other room treatment products. Established in 2004 in Atlanta and then as an independent company in 2008 in the UK, GIK Acoustics sells their products to audiophiles, recording studios, churches and other professional customers worldwide.

GIK Acoustics stands out as one of the premier providers for broadband acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusion products in addition to providing free acoustic consultation services, direct shopping online experiences, friendly customer support services and excellent solutions. Their selection of innovative acoustic solutions paired with professional research-based advice and design assistance have earned them an outstanding reputation within their industry.

Recently I had the opportunity to test out various GIK acoustic products in my listening room – with impressive results.

First up was the GIK Impression Series panels, designed to increase absorption and diffusion qualities of any room. Available in six designs including Gatsby Arches, Digiwaves, Mod Geometrics, 3D Cubes, Checkerboards and Bubbles – they offer optimal absorption and diffusion qualities while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Each panel is precision cut into a rigid layer that contributes to its diffusion properties, according to GIK’s claims of noticeable improvements over traditional wall-mounted treatments.

GIK provides more than Alpha Series panels; we also offer SoundBlocks – modular units which can be mounted on walls or interlocked into freestanding arrays – in various colors to perfectly complement any room or system.

I had the privilege of experiencing GIK’s vocal booth, an ideal space for vocal recording, podcasting or videoconferencing. Its individual panels are held together by top and bottom brackets that connect directly to a mic stand for easy operation.

From personal experience in both my own home and a studio that I work at, the GIK Acoustics vocal booth is an outstanding option for audiophiles. As it’s small and lightweight, portable unit allows users to record their best voice without losing the natural separation and spaciousness that creates such rich sounds, this vocal booth makes a fantastic recording booth option.

Overture Audio

Since 1989, Overture Audio has been an established retailer of high-end consumer electronics. Situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan and offering products like stereo systems, home theater systems and high-end speakers. Overture also provides various installation and rewiring services.

Overture Audio has an exceptional customer service reputation and offers top quality products at competitive prices, carrying top brand name names with an impressive inventory and welcoming new showroom. Their staff of four is seasoned in this business with more than 100 years combined experience!

Overture’s showrooms also take an interactive approach by providing product demonstrations. Each room provides the ideal place for customers to select the right equipment. In addition, Overture boasts a large demonstration lab where customers can experience cutting-edge audio gear first hand. Best of all? Their showrooms are open to the public! The West Stadium Boulevard facility hosts these showrooms located on their second-floor location.

Hartford Technology Rentals

Hartford Technology Rentals stands as the go-to place in Ann Arbor if you want the highest-quality audio equipment rentals. As an industry leader in rental business, Hartford specializes in all things audio and video related – such as digital audio recording and live event production – offering top-tier services with competitive rates for large or small budgets alike. They carry cameras, lights and other equipment necessary for making productions successful; plus their outstanding customer service team offers assistance whenever needed – you can learn more by visiting their website!

Procurated boasts an impressive number of reviews on their platform, many of which are verified by Procurated itself and displayed prominently on their homepage. This allows buyers to see what other logged-in government users think of potential suppliers before signing contracts or paying invoices. It can help ensure you make informed decisions.

GIK Sound

GIK Sound, an audio equipment Ann Arbor company, specializes in room acoustics and acoustic treatment panels to enhance room acoustics for recording studios, church sound rooms, and other professional spaces. Their products have been designed specifically to enhance these acoustic conditions.

Since 2004, GIK Sound has provided professionals throughout North America and Europe with Greensafe-certified acoustic treatment panels and accessories made with natural or recycled formaldehyde-free materials and Class A fire ratings.

The 2A Alpha is the company’s flagship product and can effectively treat first and late reflections, SBIR reflections, as well as soundwaves originating from dipole speakers’ rear rear corners. It comes in various sizes and configurations at competitive prices.

Its primary function is to control high-frequency chaos and improve upper bass clarity, making it a useful addition to either a stereo system or home theater setup. My tests found the GIK 2A Alpha was effective at increasing the timbre of acoustic guitar and mandolin tracks from Will Patton Ensemble (16/44.1 FLAC King’s Hill Music) as well as Al Di Meola’s Opus (16/44.1 FLAC, earMusic).

GIK Acoustics also offers four additional acoustic treatments beyond the 2A Alpha, such as the 4A Alpha. These can address first and late reflections as well as SBIR (soundwave reflection in corners), with 1″-thick 4A Alphas capable of absorbing frequencies down to 100Hz; 4A Alphas can absorb frequencies all the way down to 125Hz.

GIK Acoustics also manufactures Evolution Polyfusors to help reduce noise and enhance an acoustic space. Available in various shapes for wall hanging or freestanding use.

GIK Sound also participates in the Mic to Monitor educational tour, an audio workshop series led by professional audio experts that takes place across both countries. Aimed at music production students, hobbyists and professionals alike – seminars cover recording techniques, hardware design issues as well as how-to recordings. Registering for these tours gives attendees a chance to win an incredible recording/production package valued over $10k!