Top 5 Alternative Indie Music Artists of 2021

This year has seen the release of some outstanding alternative indie music artists. These acts are all making waves and gaining recognition, as well as an avid following.

Though they may not be as well-known as Twenty One Pilots or Machine Gun Kelly, these indie music artists are making waves in 2021. These individuals are creating some of the best new music to come out of America this year.


Established in 1974 in Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, the Ramones are widely considered as the first punk rock band. Though they only achieved limited commercial success, these hardy foursome are remembered today as one of rock music’s most influential acts.

Their 1976 self-titled debut album is widely considered as the catalyst for punk music, launching them on a 20 year recording career that produced an extraordinary catalogue of fierce songs. Their hard hitting sound, intense melodies and cartoonish aesthetic have inspired countless bands to craft their own versions of their style.

Johnny, Tommy, Joey and Dee Dee may have disagreed at times, but their collective attitude enabled them to create an incredible body of work. Their influence can be heard across various musical genres – from alternative indie bands to ska, funk and rock ‘n’ roll acts – from rock music to pop hits.

The Ramones played a pivotal role in the growth of punk music, particularly in Britain. Their performance there in 1976 inspired an entire generation of British punk musicians, while their appearance in Roger Corman’s 1979 film Rock ‘n’ Roll High School only added to their national popularity.

In 1980, the band were invited to record with legendary producer Phil Spector. Although they enjoyed working with Spector, his production methods weren’t ideal for a group accustomed to completing albums within weeks.


If you are a fan of classic punk rock, then this band will surely please. They have been around for some time and offer plenty of great songs to choose from.

They also have some newer tracks out, so take a listen and find something you like! Their positive vibe will surely leave everyone with something new to enjoy.

Their latest single “Hold Me” serves as an enchanting introduction to this eclectic band. The song features a heavy and slow dance type beat mixed with smooth vocals that will surely please listeners of all tastes.

They have been around for two decades and have an extensive catalogue of music to offer. They have released 5 full length albums along with numerous splits and 7’s, creating a sound that is truly unique – one which their many fans will surely appreciate.


MxPx, hailing from Bremerton, Washington, have remained true to their punk rock ideals since the 1990s. Albums such as Life in General and Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo set them apart from more contemporary punk bands such as Good Charlotte and New Found Glory.

Their music is an exciting blend of power chords, anthems, and fast-paced rhythms that will have you tapping your feet and singing along at the top of your lungs. After some time away, they are back with a bang and have released an album sure to keep you wanting to keep dancing all summer long!

MxPx fans will love their latest album Secret Weapon, filled with fast power chords, anthems, energetic rhythms and loads of positivity. The harmonies are spot on and vocals aren’t overly nasal like they were on previous releases – giving the whole record an edge.

Of The Lion

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HeavyMind is an indie pop band with heavy dance beats and soothing vocals that you should check out. Their sound blends indie pop with electro-pop and some classic rock elements, making them suitable for fans of The Weeknd, TwentyOnePilots, Gotye, Chris Isaac, NYVES and Cool Hand Luke alike.

They’re currently on tour with Teddy at Night and Mark Campbell. Their song “Hold Me” has got everyone moving, and they have plans for more new music in the works.

The Oiche is a captivating blend of folk, dreamy indie pop and indie electronic. Featuring ethereal lyrics and haunting vocals, The Oiche should be on your 2021 playlist for sure.

It’s not often that a band can successfully blend different genres into an unforgettable music piece, but Fears have done just that with their new album Oiche. Their blend of folk, indie pop and electronica is truly remarkable and will surely make them one of the most exciting acts to watch in 2021.

Minami Deutsch are self-described repetition freaks who have created an infectious, groove-driven sound that’s sure to take over the music industry. Unlike their psych rock counterparts, they have an organic sound and are capable of subtle changes in tone which sets them apart from their peers. Their most recent album was a major hit and already has many indie music circles excited.

Craig’s Brother

Craig’s Brother have long been praised for their fast punk sound and insightful lyrics, but the Santa Cruz-based band continues to challenge expectations with their latest album Easily Won, Rarely Deserved. This energetic record vividly portrays political unrest and inner turmoil.

Violent Faith, the opening track on this ep, is a riveting statement about the violence that pervades our world. The rest of the songs on the EP offer similar intensity while offering soothing melodies.

Established in 1995, Craig’s Brother quickly earned recognition for their intense riffs and captivating melodies. Their sound is a mix of punk rock with heavy emotional content.

They have been credited as an influence on other alternative indie music artists like NOFX and Lagwagon, and they often perform Christian venues to discuss religious matters.

Craig’s Brother have often been criticized for their relationship with Christian music industry, yet they have always maintained that they were simply punks who happened to be Christians. While this has led them to be labeled a “Christian Punk Band,” rather than a “Christian Rock Band”, they have managed to stay relevant by pushing boundaries within their genre while continuing to perform live and connect with fans – earning them an Honorable Mention on my list of Honorable Mentions for 2021!