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Most people’s vision of reggae involves images of dreadlocked warblers strumming out syncopated beats with relaxing melodies and vibes. Reggae music has grown into an international cultural force that unites people of different backgrounds. Lyrically, Reggae music often explores themes like love, social justice and Rastafarianism. Rastafarian artists have made “Satta Massagana” one of their

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Is Reggae Music Christian?

Some Christian ministries may find gospel reggae difficult to embrace as part of their faith; however, its artists believe that Christianity is about sharing Jesus’s message. Rastafarian culture and beliefs can be seen reflected in its lyrics and rhythms, often discussing social or political issues while providing spiritual messages. Messages of love and unity Reggae

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Is Reggae Music New?

Reggae, like its predecessors ska and rocksteady, builds upon its predecessors but stands alone as its own genre. While slower than its peers it contains more musical complexity. Lee “Scratch” Perry is widely recognized as having pioneered dub music within reggae music, taking it beyond ska and rocksteady to form its own subgenre known as

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What to Consider When Writing a Reggae Song

Reggae songs often take on social themes that can range from political, religious or even sexual issues. Reggae music frequently addresses the legacy of colonialism and its lasting effect on African diaspora communities. Artists often supported liberation movements on African countries in frontline states; in America, reggae became an echoing voice during the Civil Rights

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Top 5 Reggae Music Choices For Weddings in 2022

Reggae music makes for an excellent wedding entertainment choice, and has witnessed a revival since 2010 thanks to artists whose Rastafari-influenced lyrics and laidback riddims bring back memories of reggae’s golden age of the 1970s. Dub is a musical collage, composed by taking elements of other arrangements and reconfiguring them into new combinations, often for

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Why Reggae Music is Good

Reggae music often conjures images of dreadlocked warblers strumming syncopated guitar beats; however, this stereotype doesn’t do it justice; the genre encompasses far more. Reggae songs often explore topics of social justice and religion; however, many artists also address lighter subjects like love and socializing in their songs. One unique characteristic of reggae music is

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