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Reggae Music Names

Toots and the Maytals’ song, “Do the Reggay”, first introduced reggae as an artistic genre to an international audience in 1968. Rocksteady music evolved out of this type of rhythm which reduced ska tempo while adding syncopations, as evidenced by Toots and Maytals’ title of that track “Do the Reggay”. Peter Tosh was one of […]

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Rebelution – The Front-Runner For Reggae Music

Rebelution, the UC Santa Barbara alumni band, has quickly established itself as a premier producer of grassroots reggae music since 2007. From their self-produced 2007 record Courage to Grow through 2014’s Count Me In and 2016’s Grammy nominated Falling Into Place releases, Rebelution’s popularity continues to soar with each release. Peace of Mind was recently

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Is Reggae Music Evil?

Reggae music transcends genre and culture to become part of global musical harmony. Boasting soulful beats and profound messages, reggae resonates across generations into the worldwide fabric. Rooted in Rastafarianism, Reggae music draws its inspiration from Rastafari principles of social justice and African pride ideals. Ganja, or cannabis plant, holds special meaning within this movement,

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