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Why Does Music Touch the Soul?

Music touches our emotions by sparking memories, stirring emotions and connecting us on an intimate level with each other. Music also provides stress relief, enhances creativity and energizes workouts. Studies show that listening to uplifting music can both lift mood and increase productivity simultaneously, serving as an additional form of motivation during physical activities such

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Soul Music Events

Soul music, an American popular music genre that first gained widespread recognition during the 1960s, has had an enormous influence on other musical forms such as rock n roll, hip hop and other musical styles. Soul songs often incorporate elements from black gospel music, such as call-and-response vocals between a lead singer and choir, into

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Music Soul to Soul

Soul music is a genre of popular music characterized by catchy beats and powerful vocals. Curtis Mayfield created politically conscious lyrics and engaging rhythms on his album for Super Fly movie soundtrack. Detroit-based Motown Records famously produced artists who combined doo-wop melodies with polished production techniques. Meanwhile in Memphis-based Stax Records recruited Black musicians who

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Soul Music Mix 90s Styles

Soul music has given birth to numerous subgenres over its history, beginning from rhythm and blues music and evolving further with gospel influences. Artists in this subgenre typically displayed an aggressive, street b-boy aesthetic. The 1990s witnessed R&B’s golden age. Driven by new jack swing, R&B adopted hip hop’s gritty aesthetic while offering silky production

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Soul Music Series 500

In the sixties, American popular music experienced a transformation as soul music emerged as an influential new genre. Combining gospel elements with rhythm and blues styles to form its unique sound that could cross genre boundaries. Neo soul is an evolving musical genre that blends 1970s-style vocals with contemporary R&B sounds and hip-hop urban beats

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Music For Soul Youtube

Soul music emerged from African-American gospel and rhythm and blues music, playing an influential role during the civil rights movement and helping launch Motown and Stax Records. Characteristics of soul include catchy rhythms, handclapping, call and response between lead and backup vocalists and catchy hooks and melodies. Soul subgenres such as deep soul and southern

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