Top 5 Soul Music For Weddings

Soul music adds the perfect energy and atmosphere for a joyful wedding celebration. Its timeless tunes and harmonies lend themselves perfectly to romantic slow dances, while upbeat songs create an infectious party atmosphere.

These songs provide an emotional soundtrack for your wedding ceremony and ceremony of exchange of rings, symbolizing eternal love and commitment between you two.

A Thousand Years

One of the greatest joys of planning a wedding is choosing songs for your big day! Selecting songs allows you to tell your love story through music and create lasting memories. From slow and sweet tunes like John Legend’s “All of Me,” or danceable beats such as “Uptown Funk,” choosing music that truly represents both old and new tunes makes your playlist truly your own and makes the event memorable for years afterward.

Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years is a popular selection among couples looking for the ideal romantic song to dance their first dance as newlyweds. The lyrics capture beautifully describe longing for one you love while its catchy melody can help strengthen feelings of connection between partners as they dance together. Also check out its music video which features scenes from The Twilight Saga series!

Etta James’ At Last is another classic tune that still brings smiles today; its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics make this romantic first dance number ideal.

Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is another love song couples enjoy listening to together. The lyrics speak of finding someone special to spend forever with and the upbeat melody will have you moving all night long.

Communicating with your DJ or band when selecting music for your special event is key in creating lasting memories and enjoying every aspect of it. They can suggest songs that will match your taste and keep everyone dancing throughout the night. Plus, ask them for classic hits as well as more contemporary tracks – everyone will have an enjoyable time making new memories together that will last a lifetime!

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has the talent of crafting wedding songs with heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies that make the ideal anthems for couples’ receptions, often leading their guests to join them in singing along! These timeless tunes will leave lasting memories from your big day.

Sheeran, an award-winning multi-platinum singer-songwriter, has won multiple accolades over his career, such as Best British Male Solo Artist at the 2012 BRIT Awards and four Grammys. Additionally, his charitable work and advocacy for mental health awareness is well known; Equals was released as his latest album at number one on Billboard charts and features genres ranging from soul music through pop and R&B.

No one does wedding music like Jack Johnson! With romantic songs like “Thinking Out Loud” and “Shape of You,” which will add the perfect romantic ambience for your big day, or his upbeat hit “Photograph,” which was inspired by long distance relationships, dance the night away to this unforgettable performance – not to mention its beautiful music video that reminds of us the love shared between partners!

Choose music that sets the right ambience for your wedding is essential to its success. Slow songs such as “Endless Love” or “All of Me” could set an intimate, romantic ambiance, while upbeat hits like “Photograph” or “Shivers” could add excitement to your festivities and celebrate with friends and family alike. A DJ could then use any one of these popular tracks to host a dance party that will make this important milestone of lifeworthing memory for you and your partner!

It’s The Same Old Song

One of Motown’s signature hits, It’s the Same Old Song is a 1965 single by The Four Tops written and produced by Motown main production team Holland-Dozier-Holland. A soul music classic that remains one of The Tops’ most beloved tracks today. Reportedly written-from initial concept to commercial release-in 24 hours. It reached number five on Billboard Hot 100 chart and number two in Billboard R&B Singles chart; covered by numerous artists like Dutch band the Motions who recorded an arrangement which became top 10 hit that year; also featured prominently in commercials for Velveeta Shells & Cheese products.

It has also been included in the 1983 movie, The Big Chill and album Motor City Soul (Remastered/Re-Recorded). Members of The Temptations faked it on an episode of Rosie O’Donnell Show.

I’m Coming Out

Make your grand exit to an upbeat and rhythmic classic that captures the celebration spirit. Your guests will sway and cheer as you begin a new chapter together to a song sure to spread smiles all around. From “Blame It On The Boogie” to “Boogie Wonderland,” there is sure to be the ideal song to round off your wedding with style!

Add soul music that resonates deeply with love and commitment to your ceremony, providing a moving soundtrack for meaningful ring exchange and vows. These timeless classics from soul legends will add romance and beauty to this momentous day!

Enhance your bridal entrance with these soulful wedding groom entrance songs that exude charisma and style. From uptempo anthems to moody ballads, these soulful hits provide the ideal balance of energy and sentimentality to accompany your journey down the aisle.

Your first dance as husband and wife should be an enjoyable momentous occasion, so choose an elegant yet slow and dreamy soul song such as this 1970s hit from Acker Bilk to set the perfect romantic mood for this unforgettable occasion. These lyrics celebrate love.

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Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody is one of the world’s most-recorded songs with over 1,500 recordings to its name. Composed by Alex North with lyrics written by Hy Zaret for use with 1955 prison film Unchained, its popularity gained momentum through The Righteous Brothers recording in 1956; Band Aid recorded their own version as well. Over time it has inspired multiple versions, setting an impressive record number one slot across various artists’ releases.

Although originally released as the B-side to Hung On You, this track soon rose to become its own success story. DJs quickly started favoring it over its A-side, and it quickly reached top 10 popularity – remaining popular ever since as proof of music’s power to bring people together.

This song’s lyrics speak of longing and have mesmerized audiences for decades, making it the ideal selection for romantic wedding dances. With its timeless melody and moving lyrics, this is also an ideal selection as part of an emotional first dance sequence.

One of the most iconic renditions of this beautiful ballad can be heard performed live by Elvis Presley at a show in Rapid City, South Dakota on June 21, 1977– two months prior to his death. Since then, his rendition of it has become one of his signature performances, widely considered one of his finest shows. Additionally, Ghost featured it again with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze highlighting its emotional impact through its pottery scene, giving new generations access to listeners a taste for this ballad. Since then it has inspired countless covers and rerererecordings of this timeless song!