A Rising Star in the World of Soul Music

Nao Yoshioka uses her music not only as an expressive means but also to connect with people and spread positive messages across the world. Her dynamic voice and powerful message has resonated deeply within many lives worldwide.

Kubota first gained exposure in Japanese hip-hop through her association with?uestlove and has gone on to top the charts since. Her sound stands out with its heavy funk bass line and expressive, soulful vocals.


Tokyo-born Aimi has amassed an immense following both within Japan and beyond with her silky yet seductive voice, drawing admirers both inside and outside Japan alike. Her music blends R&B, modern rhythms, complex production techniques, rich textures and emotive lyrics about contemplative themes like love and self-discovery; her sultry yet powerful vocals create depthful songs which touch listeners emotionally.

Aimi is also an accomplished song-writer, drawing her lyrics from personal experiences. A passionate fan of 90s/00s R&B can be heard in her latest release “Chosen One”. Written as a tribute to her sister and inspired by girl groups such as Destiny’s Child and TLC; its visuals add an engaging 2000s aesthetic that completes its captivating experience.

Following the 1960s protest movements, Japanese musicians found new outlets to express themselves musically. Aimi’s debut album “Nothing But Your Love” captures this period when Japan was on the cusp of civil war; its kaleidoscopic psychedelia captures this fragile yet fertile period as the nation struggled for its future.

However, Kubota’s album caused widespread debate online over whether soul music should only be reserved for African Americans. Fans were skeptical as many were skeptical as to whether she could perform soul music while also appearing as white Japanese woman and receiving criticism for having “black looks.” She denied trying to emulate black culture instead stating simply enjoying American black music genre. This created heated discussions regarding whether soul music should only be performed by African Americans.

Kubota’s seductive and soulful music has won over many fans, such as rapper M.I.A. Her hit single “Boom Boom Pow” appeared in her debut film The Island and features among many of Kubota’s influences such as hip hop, jazz and dance music.

Kubota has collaborated with numerous artists, including American soul singer Angie Stone and hip-hop artist?uestlove. She sings English-language material that is immensely popular around the world; furthermore, Kubota owns both her own fashion line and an active presence on social media. She has also appeared in various television shows and movies. As a rising star in the entertainment industry, her unique style and dedication to her craft have garnered her a following among fans – an accomplished musician with bright future prospects ahead of them all. She’s on her way to becoming an international star! Stay updated by following her on Instagram and Facebook for her latest updates, or visiting her website for concert details and booking her for your own event through our booking system.

Nao Yoshioka

Nao Yoshioka has become an iconic figure in soul music. Her powerful voice reaches audiences around the globe while her messages resonate across languages and distance, hoping to inspire positive change. Nao’s unique talent lies in combining her heritage of Japanese music with modern sounds of soul music and R&B seamlessly.

Born in Osaka, Japan and relocated to New York at 14 to pursue her dreams as a singer, she has made significant inroads into US markets since her arrival. Reaching the final round of both McDonalds Gospelfest and Apollo Theater Amateur Night has cemented her presence here; her lustrous vocal layering and ability to float through beats reminiscent of 2000s nostalgia have caught the attention of notable figures like Gordon Chambers who has described her as an “impeccable neo soul maven”.

Nao’s latest single is entitled “Love is a Constant Flow”, and showcases her signature style of singing. The lyrics explore themes related to love and freedom using constellations and waves as metaphors; thus calling on humanity to work towards living in harmony with nature.

Although she’s relatively new to the soul scene, she has quickly established an impressive following online with over 2.5 million views on YouTube for Tokyo Funk Session. Additionally, she has performed at legendary venues like Blue Note Tokyo and Summer Sonic festival and offers unforgettable performances that enchant and electrify any audience.

As her next venture, she will release a cover album entitled “Love Letters”. This project will showcase some of her favorite soul songs by artists such as Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder; additionally, she will collaborate with various talented producers to bring this project to fruition.

Rolling Stone has recognized her as an “appealing Japanese crooner with an ear for timeless adult R&B” and as “one of Japan’s most significant female artists to emerge from its vibrant pop/soul scene”. Her latest record, entitled The Truth will be out September 18th 2022.

This collection of 1970s Japanese songs captures an intricate yet vulnerable time as the nation sought its identity through funk grooves, heavy reverb, and hallucinatory lyrics. These vibrant sounds reflect on Japan’s search for self-identification; therefore this music should be essential listening for soul music fans.

Furui Riho

Furui Riho is a Japanese R&B singer making waves in the music industry with her silky vocals and melodic compositions. Beginning her musical journey as a gospel choir participant at a young age, Furui soon found herself performing all over Japan as well as abroad. Since then she has continued her passion through various performances and collaborations; most recently her latest album Green Light blends traditional R&B with contemporary soul; its songs showcase Furui’s vocal range while simultaneously reflecting personal experiences through lyrics written specifically about her own life experiences as lyrically written to capture her personal experiences through song lyrics written specifically about Furui.

Furui Riho is also an accomplished composer and songwriter. She has collaborated with musicians like Shin Sakiura and aimi on her well-known songs, creating her signature style and tone in her music. Apple Music selected Furui for their “Breakthrough Japan” playlist while Spotify included her on their “RADAR: Early Noise 2023.” Additionally, Furui has written songs in different genres such as soulful ballad “Pink Hair” or emotional tracks such as “Purpose.”

Green Light was released as her debut album in 2022 to critical acclaim and is now streaming platforms, featuring tracks with alluring vocals that pair beautifully with catchy tunes and deep lyrics.

Furui Riho stands out with her incredible voice that can capture any mood in a song, drawing inspiration from life experience and personal experience alike to craft lyrics that express everything from joy to sorrow in her songs and her lyrics. Fans have responded enthusiastically and continue following Furui on social media as her audience connects with them through music and follows her journey.

She is also an accomplished dancer, touring all across Japan to perform her hits. Her music encompasses both contemporary and classic genres and draws an eclectic crowd made up of Japanese as well as foreign audiences. Her performances are lively yet captivating and her sound uniquely Japanese.

Though she’s new to the music industry, Furui Riho has quickly made waves both domestically and abroad. Her most recent release JASMINE 2.0 showcases her unique style and beautiful voice; an essential listen for anyone interested in soul music! We cannot wait to see what Furui Riho does next!