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Major Chords For Piano

A chord is any combination of three or more notes that creates an distinctive sound. Minor chords tend to feature melancholic overtones and the three notes form one unit with their sound combining together in harmony to produce that characteristic sound. To form a minor chord, start with the initial note of a scale, and …

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Guitar Chords Night Changes

AC/DC classic “Thunderstruck” is an essential piece for every guitarist’s repertoire and an ideal song to learn if you have power chords in your arsenal. Although its chords are relatively easy, its strumming pattern may prove challenging for beginners. With just three chords and an easy-to-remember strumming pattern, this song is easy to learn. Additionally, …

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The Notes in F Major

F major can be an extremely challenging chord to master. But this doesn’t have to be the case! With some practice and preparation, mastering this chord shouldn’t be such an daunting challenge. This article will review some of the more frequent notes found within an f major chord, including its various voicings and inversions, along …

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