dance music

Dance Music Styles

Planning a dance party requires choosing music that will get people moving – this includes disco, house, drum and bass, dubstep, and trance styles among many others. Electronic dance music (EDM) is a percussive genre of electronic music usually heard at nightclubs and raves. EDM typically features a 4/4 beat and often utilizes synthesizers for …

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The Art of Dance Music Creation

Dance music has the ability to elicit powerful responses in its listeners, often prompting unrestrained expression and taking them back in time and place. Some choreographers, like Morris, use movement that directly responds to the rhythm of accompanying music; others, however, opt out altogether. Electronic instruments Dance music production utilizes electronic instruments and computer software, …

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Dance Without Music Quotes

Dance has long been associated with music. Yet is dance possible without sound? Some choreographers, including Merce Cunningham, have attempted to explore this possibility through dance that exists without accompaniment from outside sources. Here are some of their most inspirational dance without music quotes that will motivate and encourage you to move to the rhythm …

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