5 Best Bass Guitars on Amazon

Acquiring a bass guitar amazon can be an ideal way to learn an instrument or begin playing, however it’s wise to visit a local music store first and experiment with various options before making a decision.

Metalheads will appreciate this 5 string bass. Finished in Silverburst and equipped with 2 double coil humbucking pickups for ultimate tonal control, it makes an impression wherever it goes.

Fender Player Jaguar

The Fender Player Jaguar is an innovative update of the classic offset guitar popularized by artists like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. It comes equipped with both a humbucking bridge pickup and neck pickup, each equipped with 3-way switching to provide multiple tonal possibilities; also featured are 22 fret rosewood fingerboard and pearloid block inlays for added tone options.

At its introduction in the early ’60s, the Jaguar guitar quickly proved itself popular with iconic musicians like Beach Boy Carl Wilson and Jimi Hendrix using one as models. Since then, its unique design has won over players across various musical genres.

One of the highlights of the Player Jaguar guitar is its curved fretboard, which makes chording easier without muted strings and is particularly beneficial to beginners learning bass guitar. Furthermore, its C-shaped neck provides comfort to most hands, and allows users to reach high notes more quickly than with standard models.

Fender Player Jaguar guitars feature an innovative tremolo bridge, which allows for subtle to dramatic pitch effects ranging from subtle to radical pitch shifts. This can add dimension and flair to any genre from rock, jazz and blues music genres – and is simple and accessible enough for use without taking away from its versatility.

The Fender Player Jaguar bass guitar features two standard Stratocaster single-coil pickups and a three-way pickup switch, but its unique feature is an angled humbucking bridge pickup for enhanced bass and treble response. As part of Fender’s Pawn Shop Series (a limited edition guitar with special features), this bass is also great choice for anyone searching for a reliable yet cost-effective bass with plenty of customization options.

Fender Player Precision

The Fender Player Precision bass guitar is an iconic modern bass designed to produce authentic Fender tone and feel. Constructed of solidbody electric material for added durability while remaining timeless in appearance, the Player Precision features a powerful split-coil Precision middle pickup as well as an EQ with master volume and tone controls to give maximum sound shaping capabilities.

This bass features a narrow-Tall fretboard radius, providing a pleasant playing feel and ideal for beginners or players with smaller hands. Furthermore, its narrow-Tall frets make reaching higher notes easier; though a thinner neck may require more frequent tuning adjustments.

Fender Player Precision guitars stand out with their 9.5″ fingerboard radius, making chording simpler while helping avoid accidental muting of strings by accidental finger muting. Furthermore, its slight curve facilitates easier string bending for more natural tonality and tone production.

The Fender Player Precision comes equipped with 20 frets, which should meet most players’ needs. Bassists may prefer having more frets since lower ones will be closer to the neck pickup and yield warmer tones. Furthermore, medium jumbo frets give an easy playing feel without becoming overly tall like full jumbo frets would.

Fender Player Precision also boasts a synthetic bone nut made of composite material made up of natural bones and resin, providing an extremely durable nut with similar tonal properties while remaining more affordable and delivering similar results.

Jackson 5 String Silverburst

Aspiring bassists or those looking to add thunderous tone to their arsenal will find plenty of enticing features in the Jackson 5 String Silverburst bass guitar. It includes a 35″-scale poplar body with an offset design for comfortable playing experience and outstanding stability, plus bolt-on maple neck with graphite reinforcement rods and tilt back headstock design, which offers improved playability as well as sleek appearance; its 12-“-16” compound radius laurel fingerboard boasting 24 jumbo frets for improved playability – perfect!

Mastodon frontman Troy Sanders can experience incredible tone-shaping power with this bass, loaded with high-output pickups for incredible tone shaping power. Additionally, this Jackson HiMass bridge, black hardware and sealed die-cast tuners offer rock-solid reliability. The Indian cedro body and oiled maple neck offer speedy neck contours as well as 12-16 compound radius bound laurel fingerboard with 24 jumbo nickel frets and sharkfin inlays on its headstock for ultimate sound.

This bass is ideal for anyone wanting to cover multiple styles, spanning blues, jazz and heavy metal. Featuring two passive Jackson high-output humbucking pickups that deliver powerful low-end growl, its three-band EQ/blend control offers ample tonal variation and its push/pull selector allows you to bypass its active circuit even if the battery goes dead; making this bass truly versatile.

This bass is an essential asset to any serious bassist, whether upgrading existing instruments or starting new collections. Crafted with solid mahogany construction and equipped with Bartolini BH2 pickups paired with a 2-way toggle switch for pickup coil splitting makes this bass ideal for both novices and professionals. Furthermore, its satin finish helps prevent unwanted scratches for an enjoyable playing experience.

Yamaha 5 String

The Yamaha 5 string bass guitar lies in the “goldilocks zone”, offering professional features at an accessible price point. Perfect for vintage and modern styles alike, its unique aesthetic will turn heads everywhere it goes.

This bass features a high-mass die-cast bridge designed to efficiently transfer string vibrations for smooth adjustment and road-tested durability. Furthermore, 18mm string spacing at the nut enables excellent technical slap and finger styles playability and tuning stability and overtone control. Furthermore, all strings are tuned with straight string pull from nut to machine head to eliminate lateral tension and improve tuning stability and overtone control.

Yamaha BBX305’s Performance EQ gives you the power to customize your bass to different playing styles and conditions, offering three presets that can help optimize it: finger (which emphasizes treble), finger and pick (which boosts both bass and mids), and “flat,” providing an abundance of tone suitable for everything from funk to death metal.

This bass is ideal for beginners and intermediate players, as its easy tuning and intonation make for effortless playing. Furthermore, its comfortable neck features an angled heel to facilitate access to higher frets. Furthermore, this model comes complete with both a hardshell case and cable; making it the ideal addition to any player’s arsenal. When not in use be sure to store it away in its case to protect it from temperature and humidity changes and prolong its life; doing this will prevent its strings from losing tone and ensure its lifespan remains extended over time – however good quality basses should last years; nonetheless it would be wise to replace them periodically as needed.

Kala Ukulele

The Kala Ukulele is an affordable yet high quality ukulele designed for beginners and advanced musicians alike. Available in Soprano Concert Tenor Baritone models – it is easy for all ages to play this versatile instrument which requires minimal practice! Great choice for learning music – can also be played in various styles; making an ideal alternative to guitar!

The Eisenhower-era good looks of the Kala Archtop Tenor Ukulele in Lake Shore Blue make this instrument stand out, but the tone is even more captivating. It boasts full sound with strong mids, crisp top end and excellent sustain – plus it comes with an open-pore satin finish that doesn’t pick up fingerprints! Unfortunately it has only minimal decoration; an laser-etched rosette around its soundhole might look scruffy – though that should only be considered minor quibble.

This Kala KA-C ukulele features sturdy construction, though the tuners are plastic and the saddle and nut aren’t as solid as on other models. However, these are minor flaws; overall this model makes an excellent ukulele for beginners; including strap buttons, quick start guides, clip-on tuners, and tote bags!

Kala is an innovative company dedicated to crafting high-quality yet cost-effective ukuleles that sound great, are well-built and feature excellent customer service. Constantly testing new woods and designs, their customer service stands out among competitors and they have an impressive range of instruments, from ultrathin Travel models to Triback models with solid Spruce tops and strips of Mango between Pau Ferro backs and sides, featuring elegant Mangoes on the Tree headstock inlays – offering something for every need!