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Heavy metal music takes many different forms. Black Sabbath’s progressive approach and the more aggressive tone of thrash metal have given heavy metal an ever-evolving soundscape, while its originators Ozzy Osbourne has seen this genre through.

Abhorrence were among the earliest Finnish death metal bands to make an impressionful mark, making their rotted and crushing music an essential listen for fans of this scene.


Finland’s metal scene has long been revered for its grimy sound; few bands have done this more than Demilich. Their sole album Nespithe offers mind-bending riffs and ridiculous burping vocals that stand them apart from their metal contemporaries.

Though few Lichs aspire to becoming Demilichs (their floating skull is an inferior representation of what once were powerful undead, lacking a body to channel their magic), Demilichs are sometimes provoked into attacking those who disturb its domain or disturb its phylactery, with demonic fury often directed against those who try to invade its sacred space. Left without food for too long however, Demilich will eventually stop being so aggressive and return back into dormancy.

Demilich’s dark gloom only lasts long enough for their occasional reunion shows, where select tracks from Nespithe and four pre-Nespithe demos from each album are played to adoring crowds worldwide. Live audiences who’ve witnessed these unforgettable shows know the band is best remembered for its outlandish elements: complex riffs that seem proggy from beyond the grave, cosmic horror-themed lyrics, and unearthly vocals coming straight out of your throat that give its sound its unique sound signature.


At a time when using lyrics written in any other than English was considered an unnecessary risk for foreign Metal bands, Finnish group Rippikoulu ventured forth boldly with their second demo Ulvaja to express themselves lyrically in any language other than English. With 18 minutes of dreadful melodies and murky chants that take it further down the doom path than its 1993 predecessor Musta Sermonia

Although this demo doesn’t deserve its cult status, it remains essential listening for fans of early Finnish Death Metal. With its massive bass tones and foreboding atmosphere, few bands can match its incredible stench and atmosphere.

Ulvaja’s CD release features an improved production, but this unexpectedly benefits the music. Instead of providing any psychedelic luxuriousness or retro Sabbath worship akin to modern Finnish Metal albums like their predecessors Musta Sermonia’s Ulvaja does indeed deliver sharper, more focused sounds devoid of psychedelic luxuriousness or retro Sabbath worship that often characterises modern Finnish Metal releases. “Loputon” makes brief excursions into more blackened territory while title track and closing number “Jaa hyvasti kaunis kesa” returns back into Musta Sermonia style dissonance reverting back towards Musta Sermonia style funeral dissonance.


Disgrace is an extreme hard rock and metal act that draws inspiration from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Forced Order and Twitching Tongues. Their debut full-length release True Enemy will be out later this month on Closed Casket Activities; featuring members from Nine Inch Nails, Forced Order and most of Twitching Tongues on one record that doesn’t pull any punches! Disgrace is known for their loud, in-your-face albums reminiscent of their influences such as Forced Order or Twitching Tongues. They don’t hold back!

Disgrace is an exquisite blend of power and austere clarity from Coetzee, one that highlights his masterful storytelling ability. The scene where David and Lucy are attacked is so vivid and disturbing it could almost tremble in your hands; its allegorical connections to South Africa’s long history of mistreatment of black people is similarly powerful and captivating; those who read this book will gain new understandings both about evil itself and about what it means to be human.


Heavy metal music is characterized by fast, aggressive beats with lyrics that often address social and political topics. Black metal, one subgenre of heavy metal music, is known for its extreme brutality and incorporation of occult themes into its songs – many featuring low-tuned guitar riffs and deep drum sounds.

Anguish is a feeling of great distress and sorrow associated with something important to us, typically related to something difficult or unpleasant that happens. Like anxiety and depression, anguish differs by being more intense and longer lasting, often manifested physically through sweating, heart palpitations, shakiness or an overwhelming sensation of being Suffocated.

August Friedrich Schenck’s painting Anguish depicts a brave ewe standing defiantly over her limp lamb as its blood pours from its mouth onto the snowy ground below, with crows representing nature as it threatens them from all directions. This artwork holds wide popular appeal due to its symbolism and social commentary.


Phlegethon is a retro-styled First-Person Shooter set in hell. Boasting graphics reminiscent of the first PlayStation, you will explore rocky riverbanks, open plains, and areas filled with monsters and Nazi soldiers for an explosive gaming experience.

Ancient Greeks believed that after death, souls would travel through an afterlife that included Styx, Lethe, Cocytus and Acheron as well as Phlegethon which Dante describes as the River of Boiling Blood that punished murderers and tyrants in hell.

Phlegethon’s current issue features fiction by Kathleen Newman, Irene B. Shafer, Kathy Resch, Sandra Necchi, Bethany Hew and many more writers and poets, such as Marshmelly Framizam Dot Sasscer Mark Golden – as well as poems and art from many artists and poets whose names will soon be announced!


Though some death metal purists might find this Finnish classic too melodic for their tastes, this timeless album features amazing riffs and guitar solos. Additionally, its growls are truly face melting; therefore this must-listen album should be essential listening for anyone interested in old school death metal music.

This reissue features “Parting to the Weak Emotion”, from their 1992 rehearsal tape, as a bonus track, along with an exclusive 20 page booklet full of never before released photos and lyrics remastered by Dan Swano himself – making this package essential listening for fans of old school death metal!

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Ascended is an epic, powerful, and gritty metal music track featuring low-tuned guitar riffs and punchy drums for an aggressive yet dark and aggressive sound, ideal for sports, games, cars, or any action footage. Additionally, Ascended is royalty-free; so you can use it without worrying about copyright issues in web projects or YouTube videos.

Metal music is an immensely popular rock genre that includes thrash, death and black metal genres. Typically associated with fast tempo and aggressive lyrics that address political, social or religious matters. Metal has amassed a vast fan base encompassing several legendary bands and artists within this genre.

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Desecresy’s style can be described as eccentric with a conservative edge due to their awareness that they inherited something good. They do not attempt to innovate, instead expanding upon core elements of Finnish melodic death-doom sound instead. Their downtuned sixth string chugging will remind listeners of old Convulse, Purtenance or Abhorrence records with its obscure sounding songwriting that will reward those willing to dedicate some time and attention.

Tommi Gronqvist impresses with their strong riffs, but what truly stands out about their music is their ability to use those riffs as building blocks to form songs with depth and purpose – something many bands with similar approaches would be foolish not to consider doing. They masterfully blend multiple elements together for an amazing listening experience! Their songs feel alive with dramatic stakes and drama added throughout each track – giving the songs life. A wise move from Tommi Gronqvist.


Cognitive’s latest full-length album ABHORRENCE is an exercise in aural turbulence; each track takes the listener through magnificently traumatic experiences. Vocalist Shane Jost pushes his diaphragm with gutturals, snarls and clean singing all while maintaining an impressively deep soundscape.

Abhorrence marks an evolution for The Horrid Swarm; while still offering die-hard punishing heavyness, their sound has grown more refined with this album. They now seem more confident about themselves and their vision than on their 2012 debut release The Horrid Swarm.

Razor sharp riffs from guitarists Rob Wharton and Harry Lannon, combined with chugging bass from AJ Viana and drum blasts by Tyler Capone-Vitale set the scene for this record. “Containment Breach” offers up an intoxicating groove accentuated by harsh vocals from Jost that makes this album truly stand out – providing a perfect combination of melodic and brutal elements.