5 Easy Christmas Guitar Chords For Beginners

People around the globe know this beloved Christmas tune, so here is an amazing guitar rendition by Laurence Juber of it.

Wizzard’s upbeat holiday anthem, with its traditional 4/4 time signature and simple chord progression, is sure to bring holiday cheer! Play along and sing along!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Walking in a Winter Wonderland, originally recorded by Felix Bernard in 1934 and later covered by many artists, is a timeless Christmas song with an easy rhythm and descending chords – perfect for beginners learning the piano as well as experienced players looking for festive accompaniment.

Here’s an accessible version of this song designed for beginners to get their feet wet with guitar playing. Featuring open chords and straightforward rhythms, this piece can help develop fingering speed while strengthening finger strength and improving fingered speed. Try switching out G7 for D minor to add an jazzier sound!

JustinGuitar makes learning how to play this timeless Christmas tune easy – simply follow our video lesson and you’ll soon be playing along! This song can also be found in our Ultimate Guide of Christmas Songs for Guitar, alongside 20 others festive classics!

The Christmas Song

Though you might not often encounter Christmas music that relies solely on an acoustic guitar, many holiday classics translate well to this instrument – particularly songs with few chords and intricate strumming patterns.

The Christmas Song (commonly known by its title of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”) is one of the most beloved holiday classics. Nat King Cole made it popular when his version first hit charts back in 1946; since then it has remained a beloved Christmas tradition.

This festive tune about Santa Claus is an enjoyable one to play on guitar, especially for beginners. The song features an accessible tempo that you’ll enjoy singing along to! Playing barre chords may require some muscle power; with regular practice it will become second nature quickly!

The Little Drummer Boy

No one knows this iconic Christmas song like everyone else does! Although it might appear challenging at first glance, its three easy chords make it the ideal song for beginning guitar players.

This song can also be played using a capo on the third fret to make it simpler for newer guitarists to learn the song. Check out this video lesson for an excellent explanation on how to do that!

Chances are good you’ve heard this classic tune by Chris Rea from 1988 on the radio this holiday season! Although more advanced than some of the other songs on this list (using multiple barre chords), it should still be easy for beginning guitarists to pick up quickly; check out this video tutorial with a great lesson for new guitarists which will show them exactly how to do so!

The First Noel

The First Noel is a timeless Christmas carol with an irresistibly joyous melody, telling of Jesus’ birth into an already troubled world that so desperately needed hope.

This traditional English song dates back to the 16th century. It was first transcribed and published in 1823 in Some Ancient Christmas Carols; later included into William Sandys’ Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern collection.

This a cappella version of The First Noel by Russell Mauldin is an ideal selection for choirs and soloists, making an impressionant statement in any holiday concert setting. Easy to learn and sure to bring an audience of listeners together onstage for performance – surefire crowd pleaser.