5 Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s timeless classic “Love Story” is ideal for beginner guitarists just starting out. Its chords are accessible and simple enough for novice acoustic guitarists to strum.

This 2010 hit features an emotional narrative of a failed relationship, with its steady tempo focusing on chord transitions and strumming patterns.

Last Kiss

Taylor’s folklore album features many subdued tracks; 2020 stands out among them with its subdued music and thoughtful lyrics dedicated to her current lover. Featuring unique chord voicings and strumming patterns, this 2020 song pays a fitting tribute.

This uplifting country pop song can be played using only four simple chords and requires only a capo on the 3rd fret to play it correctly. Additionally, its catchy intro guitar melody makes this piece an excellent option for beginner guitarists!


Taylor explores feelings of loss and longing in this country folk-pop tune, featuring slow but emotionally stirring chord transitions and strumming patterns for maximum effect.

Taylor released this track from his Folklore album in 2020 with a dreamy jangle vibe, easy to play on acoustic guitar with only five chords required and an effortless strumming pattern.

Back to December

This song by Taylor Swift is ideal for musicians seeking something with more emotional depth, with its soft winter ambience and story of renewing an old romance.

This piece has a folk-influenced acoustic feel, and you can use various capo placements to tailor it to your playing style. Focus on smooth chord transitions and complementing its upbeat mood through strumming patterns.

Back to January

This track from Taylor’s Red album combines country, pop, and soft rock elements into an accessible tune that requires only four basic chords to play. A capo on the second fret must be used.

Taylor’s songs tend towards the subdued and balladesque side. This song uses interesting chord voicings and has an excellent strumming pattern; try adding melodic fingerpicking or percussive elements into your performance to add additional layers to it.

I Can’t Help Myself (Stay)

Fearless album’s third single and dance single features an empowering four chord progression that Taylor fans consider one of her standout tracks; additionally it lends itself well to being played acoustically on guitar.

Taylor proves her versatility with this folky acoustic song from her 2020 release that can transcend just love and heartbreak topics. Although it requires a capo on the second fret, this track can easily be played using just five chords.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Taylor offers up one of his more unassuming ballad-esque tunes featuring some unique chord voicings – especially Cmaj9 chord. Additionally, this tune uses an easy open chord progression making it suitable for novice guitarists!

This beautiful track by Bon Iver was released in 2020 on her album Folklore. To play this song you’ll require a capo on the third fret; its five simple chords feature an easy strumming pattern.

Somebody I Used to Know

This dreamy jangle tune is ideal for beginner guitar players. Only four basic chords and the strumming pattern need to be learned – making this song accessible and simple for you!

It is an effective way to practice capo use; its chord progression follows the main folk melody, with occasional string skippings to keep an eye on. Furthermore, this song provides the perfect opportunity to sing along.

The Story of Us

One of Taylor’s early songs, this country pop track was composed about her high school love interest. To play it successfully, it requires a capo on the fifth fret and has some complex chords but overall isn’t too challenging!

Taylor’s 2020 album Folklore features this stunning ballad which utilizes some interesting chord voicings – yet still manages to remain accessible to acoustic guitarists.

All Too Well

Taylor has released several gentle ballad-esque tracks on her Folklore album that feature piano melodies and delicate percussion sounds, creating a tranquil ballad atmosphere. This acoustic track from her Folklore album features five easy chords with an easy strumming pattern – making this an excellent song to teach beginners!

This dreamy jangle track from her 2020 album captures the feelings of heartache and loss perfectly, offering the opportunity for experimentation with palm muting and hammer-ons to add extra dynamics to your playing style.


Since 2008, this country pop tune has been made simple to play using just four chords. Beginner guitarists may enjoy adding this piece into their repertoire. With its gentle instrumental arrangement filled with rock elements.

This song explores an old relationship that still haunts Taylor’s thoughts, creating an eerie ambience through chord progression and strumming pattern.