5 Easy Songs to Play on Guitar by Taylor Swift

Taylor’s Red album features this ballad-esque track which tells a past love story. The chord progression is fairly basic; therefore it should be straightforward for beginners.

This song is a touching melody about loss that uses only five chords and has straightforward strumming patterns. A capo must be added on the sixth fret to play it correctly.

1. C Major

Taylor Swift has made her mark with music that captures the emotions and experiences of everyday life. One such track, Treacherous, speaks to human resilience with its haunting melody reminiscent of a sleep-inducing lullaby.

Taylor’s best-known singles that features heavy acoustic guitar are her singles featuring “No Strings Attached.” This song’s chords and strumming pattern should be easy for any beginner to learn; however, for maximum results the song requires a capo at the 5th fret.

Folklore was released by Taylor in 2020 to showcase her versatile musical ability. A folk-pop country ballad with slight rock influences, Folklore features acoustic guitars, pianos and subtle percussion sounds to create a soothing ambience for this track.

2. G Major

From her Folklore album, this ballad explores destiny and our life experiences’ connections. A great example of Taylor Swift songs being simple yet profound at once; an excellent way to become acquainted with switching between G major and Cadd9 chords.

This country pop and soft rock tune, released by Taylor in 2007, explores painful past experiences while showing his reflective writing style. Though this tune requires a capo on the first fret, its chord progressions should be simple enough for beginners to grasp, providing an excellent opportunity to expand fingering technique as well as practicing open chords.

3. E Major

This country-pop tune by Taylor Swift is another simple one for beginners to pick up the guitar and play along to. With only four chords (excepting for Cmaj9 which can simply be replaced with regular C with index finger on fifth fret and middle finger on A string ) used, and maintaining a moderate tempo that’s easier for keeping time, beginners should find this song straightforward and accessible to play along to.

From Taylor’s 1989 album, this upbeat track is also easy to strum on the acoustic guitar. Although using more complex chord voicing and strumming patterns such as DDD-DU strumming pattern, beginner guitar players will find this song simple enough for learning quickly and playing effortlessly! Some even create cool strumming patterns or arpeggiations just for this song to add flair – perfect for relaxing when playing something that sounds good without breaking a sweat!

4. D Major

Taylor Swift’s debut single from her second album is an infectious country pop song with an intricate strum pattern and straightforward chord progression, without needing a capo to play it. Beginner guitarists may enjoy adding arpeggiated chords into their strumming patterns for added interest and to challenge themselves further.

Taylor shows his versatility by writing in multiple genres, such as country-pop. Here we hear acoustic guitars and piano creating an introspective mood for this track.

Taylor Swift once again showcases her unique storyteller style with this beautifully ballad, this time covering heartbreak at an early age while offering hope for the future. The song boasts a slow tempo at 71 bpm with only four open chords used.

5. A Major

Taylor Swift’s 2020 folk-pop song has an engaging chord progression. Although its chords may seem complex at first, you can play them on an acoustic guitar using easy chords D, G and Em – using a metronome while practicing your strumming pattern will ensure all upstrokes fall on proper parts of the bar!

This country pop and soft rock track from Taylor was one of her initial releases in 2007 before later rereleasing it on her self-titled album. This song only requires four open chords with its tempo being relatively slow; additionally it uses some great chord voicings and strumming patterns that can serve as arpeggios to give your acoustic guitar more variety – making this track an overwhelming success for Taylor!