5 Emotional Guitar Songs For Hindi Songs

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Guitar songs are one of the best ways to express our emotions, from breaking our hearts to helping us feel refreshed. Plus, guitar songs are a wonderful way to impress friends and family!

Here are a selection of Hindi songs you can easily play on guitar, making learning them much simpler than you might imagine! These tracks will help develop and perfect your guitar playing skills.

Teri Dewani

This captivating song tells the tale of unfulfilled promises between lovers. Its melodies and lyrics are mesmerizing, while its singer adds his beautiful voice for an emotional performance that will last generations to come. A timeless classic Hindi tune.

Kailash Kher’s soulful rendition of Teri Dewani combines Indian classical and Sufi influences into an exquisite melody; his delicate yet enchanting vocals create an exquisite melody while its lyrics speak directly to our deepest desires as humans.

Pehli Mohabbat is an emotive Hindi song that captures the feelings of first love, with its gentle melody and straightforward chords making it ideal for beginners learning guitar or couples looking for romantic songs to dedicate to one another.

Kya Hua Tera Wada

Kya Hua Tera Wada is an emotive song that conveys feelings of longing. A popular Hindi tune, its popularity taps into universal experience. Deepshikha Nagpal brings new life into this timeless classic by giving her rendition a modern edge and making it accessible for listeners of all generations.

This gorgeous tune is an absolute must for those who have experienced love or heartbreak, with emotive lyrics that easily translate to guitar music and an accessible melody that anyone can learn quickly. Perfect to play for loved ones who may need extra comforting; also suitable as an introduction for beginners without bar chords requirements as its easy learning will build confidence when taking up playing guitar!

Pehli Mohabbat

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a revolutionary poet whose poetry often highlighted social issues. One such poem about separation pains is Mujhse pehli si mohabbat mere mehboob na maang.

Song later used in Pakistani film Qaidi and sang by Madam Noor Jehan who became known as the diva of her time; her mesmerising voice made for an unforgettable listening experience.

Darshan Raval’s rendition is an amazing musical gem, and you can recreate his sound by simply strumming G, D, Em and C chords on your guitar and adding a capo on the 2nd fret for maximum effect.

Naino Ne Baandhi

Dooba Dooba is a song that speaks about young man falling deeply in love. The lyrics encourage him to take the risk and confess his emotions – making this an excellent song choice for beginners playing guitar.

Naino Ne Baandhi Kaisi Dor Re is the first song from Reema Kagti’s forthcoming Bollywood film Gold, featuring Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy as its leads. Arko composed and performed Yasser Desai sang this tune from this cinematic masterpiece.

This Hindi song is ideal for beginner guitar players because its open chords provide easy learning without bar chords to worry about. Furthermore, its slow tempo allows ample opportunity to strum correctly during practice sessions.

Main Rang Sharbaton Ka

This song celebrates true love that’s always there even in times of despair, making this an emotive and heartfelt tune that will leave you smiling at its conclusion.

This song from Hindi cinema can easily be learned on guitar. With simple chords and its soothing melody, this track will leave you feeling elated and refreshed.

This romantic Hindi song can be played on guitar by Arko and features beautiful lyrics that will touch the hearts of those you care about most. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion where you want to show how much you care!