5 Guitar Chords No Capo

Tab can be both liberating and restricting, depending on how your last finger rests against it. If they don’t land at exactly the right angle you may end up muting strings which makes for terrible sound quality.

This Ed Sheeran song offers an easy riff and open chords that are quick and simple to play, while adding a capo at the first fret raises your guitar pitch by half a step.

Fly Me To The Moon

This timeless Frank Sinatra song is an ideal one to start playing, particularly for beginners. It uses simple chord shapes with standard tuning (D), which tends to favor pairing up chords.

Metallica achieved tremendous fame during the 80s and amassed an ardent fan base. However, many believed they toned down their sound to appeal to a larger commercial market.

Burn One Down is an outstanding example of how to balance reggae and folk music, featuring an infectious bass line supported by an acoustic guitar strumming some simple chords.

Love Story

This Taylor Swift hit features open chords that are easily accessible for novice players, while its strumming pattern follows an easy D DU DU rhythm.

Iron Man is an ideal song for beginners to learn because it uses simple rock chords without needing barre chords. Still, be sure your thumb is in the proper position when playing these chords!

Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn from 2017 is an accessible song for beginner guitarists to learn, with only four chords needed across its verses, pre-choruses and choruses for easy playing! Additionally, its chord progression remains constant so learning this tune won’t take as much effort!


Beginners can benefit greatly from trying this exercise to familiarize themselves with moving open chord shapes up the fretboard. Doing this regularly will enable you to learn songs in any key without using a capo!

This song, originally composed for ukulele, works incredibly well on an acoustic guitar as well. Using simple open chords and an easy strumming pattern, this tune makes an excellent addition to your repertoire of pop songs!

Focus on accuracy when playing these chords; once you have perfected finger placements, speed will follow naturally.


Wonderwall by Oasis is one of their biggest hits and an attractive song to learn for guitarists due to its distinctive strumming pattern. Additionally, Wonderwall uses simple chords which make it beginner friendly without needing capo. The first chord progression used during verse and prechorus includes Em, G, D and A7sus4.

We can make this song even easier to play by employing open chords which will be much gentler on your fingers. Simply ensure your thumb is placed correctly on the fretboard for best results and a clean sound!

Turn The Page

5. Turn The Page

This Bob Seger song covered by Metallica addresses the emotional difficulties associated with touring musicians. It describes loneliness, exhaustion and feeling disconnected during tours as experienced by touring musicians.

This song’s chord progression and strumming patterns are accessible and suitable for beginning guitarists. Additionally, one of its many open chords makes learning to play easier without needing a capo.

Locate guitar chords easily using this chart by identifying fret number and chord shape from what you hear.

Hey Soul Sister

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 made this track famous, making it accessible for beginners learning guitar. Just four chords and an easy strumming pattern makes this tune accessible to any novice guitarist looking to master playing their instrument.

This track features ballad-esque piano and vocals accompanied by soft rock influences. Although its chord progression may be slightly more complex than others on this list, beginner guitarists should still find it manageable using a capo on the second fret and using G chord, C chord, Em chord and D chord in regular open position positions.