5 Guitar Chords That Ring of Fire

guitar chords ring of fire

This Johnny Cash classic makes an ideal guitar learning track. The chord progression is straightforward and features an exciting strumming pattern.

This song is an absolute must for any guitarist! With simple open chords that are ideal for beginners and an engaging rhythm that will help strengthen strumming skills, this tune provides the ideal environment for strumming practice.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama, one of the most beloved Southern rock songs, has also generated much debate and contention. How does its lyrics align with its host region’s violent history of slavery and racism, and what exactly is its purpose?

The song was composed by three individuals from Florida and California – none of whom resided in Alabama – who were inspired to pen it as a response to Neil Young’s song that condemned Southern racism and sought to celebrate regional pride while acknowledging any inherent flaws. They may have accomplished their goal.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

This country classic is an easy one to pick up and only needs three chords: G, C, and D. Additionally, its rock n’ roll feel can be enhanced using some simple hammer-ons and pull-offs on electric guitar.

John Fogerty wrote this anthem against war, class privilege and jingoism as part of a four-song album entitled American Soldier, but even though their band disbanded soon afterwards their music still receives airplay on American and worldwide radio as well as frequently appearing in films and TV programs; their fan base keeps expanding with listeners born long after disbandment of the group.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, originally composed for the 1973 film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, has become a timeless classic that can serve to remember loved ones who have passed on, especially soldiers. Many artists have covered it and use it in tribute performances.

The song features only two verses and is quite straightforward in nature, paying tribute to Sheriff Colin Baker (Slim Pickens) as he is shot and killed by Billy the Kid’s gang, calling out “Mama” as he passes. But its theme goes well beyond this film alone and may also serve to honor all who have paid their dues in service of our nation, whether soldiers or police officers alike.

Brown Eyed Girl

Another Dylan classic, this song offers easy beginner chords and strumming patterns suitable for novice players. Additionally, its rhythm makes this track ideal for learning at an easily manageable 68 bpm – perfect for novice learners!

Notably, this song was originally known as “Brown Skinned Girl,” yet some radio stations refused to play it because of its depiction of an interracial couple. No matter its title or content, however, the tune remains a nostalgic ode to young love.

This song provides the ideal opportunity to incorporate percussive muting, where specific groups of strings are hit with downstrokes while other strings remain muted. This will give the song an exciting and vibrant sound!

Wild Thing

This timeless hit from The Troggs should be part of every rock guitarist’s repertoire. Additionally, this song serves as an excellent way to develop strumming pattern and rhythm skills.

This track can be seen in the 1989 John Candy film Uncle Buck and was used by figure skater Tonya Harding during her Olympic gold medal winning performance to use this track as skating accompaniment. Additionally, Bedazzled used it as the opening theme song for Brendan Fraser’s character Brendan Fraser.

This song uses three basic chords and a basic country strumming pattern for easy strumming, yet requires careful rhythm and counting skills. This version is particularly beginner-friendly and will help even absolute novices start playing this great song!

Spirit in the Sky

Nobody needs to be an expert on country & folk to recognize this catchy slice of quasi-religious boogie by Norman Greenbaum – it will remind you immediately. Yet few listeners have given him other albums a fair shot!

The second verse states that in order to qualify for heaven when our time comes, Jesus must be our friend. However, some may interpret these lyrics as being filled with irony and poke fun at Christianity.

To add some flair and spice up your sound, switch out some chord shapes with power chords – this can quickly add color to your strumming pattern!