5 Home Studio Mixers You Must Have

home studio mixer

The Zoom Live Track L12 mixer is an all-in-one mixing console, audio interface and digital recorder in one compact chassis. Boasting an impressive channel count and various features, this unit is ideal for singer/songwriters, podcasters and small home studio setups.

Modern home studios typically rely on an audio interface for all their input needs, while adding extra control through features like an mixer with options such as EQ, Faders and LANDR Mastering.


This Allen & Heath mixer offers professional-grade mixing capabilities in an extremely portable package, making it perfect for small bands, solo performers and content creators looking to take their music on the road, record tracks at home or livestream their performance online. With four channels that can be used to record mics or instruments as well as two stereo inputs suitable for MP3 players or keyboards plus an impressive set of effects including shimmering reverbs and rich modulations capabilities this mixer delivers professional-grade mixing for small acts and solo performances alike.

The ZED-10FX features dedicated knobs to give users direct control of levels, EQ and more. Its EQ section offers a responsive 3-band EQ with sweepable mids for precise equalization; additionally it comes equipped with an output limiter to make sure mixes sound great even at higher volumes; additionally it includes an insert slot for adding outboard gear like compressors; the stereo main outputs feature balanced XLR connectors while monitoring section provides headphone and speaker feeds – this multipurpose interface works with a wide variety of microphones/instruments as well as USB for effortless computer recording!

One of the key selling points of this small mixer is its user-friendly controls. The top panel features clearly labeled controls with arrows showing signal flow possibilities – making it a fantastic teaching tool for newcomers to mixing. Furthermore, pre-fade listens are provided on all channels for double checking that your mix sounds satisfactory before sending it out or recording it.

The ZED-10FX features numerous other impressive attributes that will make it a worthy addition to your audio rig. Its high-impedance guitar inputs eliminate the need for an additional DI box, while its “Boost” switch provides enough gain for low output pickups. Furthermore, its stereo inputs support MP3 players or keyboards, professional XLR outputs provide flexibility monitoring section. Furthermore, IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube amp modeling software gives users access to various guitar and bass amp models giving an impressive range of tones available for gigging or recording sessions! Finally, compatibility with IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube amp modelling software provides access to over 40 guitar/ bass amp models giving users endless tones for gigging or recording sessions!


The MX2 two-channel mixer is ideal for music production, podcasting and live performances. Offering studio-console-style workflow and encouraging hands-on creativity throughout its production process. Each channel boasts a simple one-knob compressor with 3-band equalization to tailor tone shaping; additionally the built-in effects section includes must-have effects like reverb, delay and chorus; plus stereo outputs feature panning controls and 60mm faders for premium feel and rapid mix shaping; its durable bottom adhesive allows quick permanent mounting anywhere or use with RDL’s rack accessories to add versatility if required.

Ideal for singer/songwriters and podcasters alike, this compact home studio mixer can serve as an audio interface, DAW controller, standalone recorder or mixing console. Equipped with mix-minus functionality and dedicated smartphone input for stereo headphone monitoring. Furthermore, phantom 48v microphone power and comprehensive console-style routing make this home studio mixer an excellent way to record music anywhere at home or on the road.

Home studio mixers are an excellent option for beginners looking to get recording at home quickly and effectively. Easy setup and use, this mixer features enough channels to cover most small projects as well as high quality preamps and helpful features that are sure to meet all their recording needs.

While many may choose not to utilize a mixer when recording at home, having one can make all the difference in adding color and depth to recordings that cannot be accomplished using only software-based DAWs.

Soundcraft’s classic fader mixer has earned its place among our home studio mixer options thanks to its premium feel and specialist features, which include class-A preamps with custom-designed op amp for enhanced transparency as well as an asymmetric Sapphyre EQ for ultimate versatility. Furthermore, Lexicon provides this model with essential digital FX for ultimate audio enhancements.

This mixer offers excellent value to home studio users looking to upgrade. Including Cubase AI as standard software, this mixer makes getting started easy and features professional-grade features you wouldn’t normally associate with its price point, such as full suite EQ’s, multiband compressor and pristinely detailed master section.

KRK Rokit 6

KRK Rokit 6 studio monitors are widely recognized for their accurate sound reproduction and flat frequency response, which provide producers and engineers with an exact representation of their mix, helping them make better decisions during mixing sessions.

The third-generation G3s are an improvement from their predecessors with their wider frequency range, an all-new cabinet design and front-firing bass ports that improve low frequency extension while simultaneously reducing boundary coupling. They make an ideal choice for hip hop, EDM and other bass-heavy genres like hip-hop.

These studio speakers are engineered for professional audio recording, mixing and mastering. Equipped with a bi-amped class A/B amplifier and featuring a 6″ glass-Aramid composite woofer and 1″ soft-dome tweeter – plus high headroom for distortion-free performance! Their proprietary acoustic design helps minimize resonance for crisp audio reproduction.

These monitors come in an attractive textured black finish that appears to resist fingerprints and dust well, while still remaining sturdy enough for occasional bumps and scrapes. Setup is straightforward and they include detachable power cords. Unfortunately they don’t include mounting brackets so these will need to be purchased separately.

As with other KRK monitors, the Rokit 6 features a rounded front baffle designed to reduce diffraction and create a larger sweet spot, enabling more precise mixing while eliminating listening at an unnerving distance. Furthermore, its curved surface minimizes noise from behind it, making this speaker suitable for most small rooms without sacrificing sound quality.

The Rokit 6 is an excellent budget option for any new or intermediate producer, featuring all of the standard input and control options such as RCA, TRS (1/4″) and balanced XLR connectors. When connecting an audio interface to monitors via balanced cables it helps minimize interference from wireless devices that could create noise interference.

KRK Rokit 7

No matter if you’re mixing on-the-go, in a studio or your own home studio, this professional nearfield powerhouse from KRK G5 won’t disappoint. Packed with professional-grade features like an optimized high-frequency waveguide, low-resonance enclosure and front-firing bass ports to deliver incredible bass response with straightforward speaker placement and maximum versatility, plus onboard DSP for real-time spectral analysis using their free app for iOS or Android, this powerful nearfield speaker has everything needed for exceptional bass response – all at home in one box!

Three selectable voicing modes allow you to tailor the monitors’ frequency response specifically for task-oriented playback. Mix Mode provides an ultra-flat frequency response for critical listening and mixing purposes, Create Mode adds highs and mids that inspire creativity, and Focus Mode zooms in on vocals, guitars, synths and strings in midrange band – it’s like having three pairs of monitors all at once–save space, save money, and improve mixes!

Rokit 7 features a custom-designed Class D amplifier designed for maximum efficiency, driving its speakers evenly while operating at lower temperatures to preserve audio integrity and prevent damage while maintaining dynamic range in your tracks. Plus, an auto brickwall limiter engages at maximum amp level to protect speakers from potential damage while maintaining full dynamic range for every track you listen to!

Music producers, beatmakers and casual listeners will appreciate the Classic 7 G4’s powerful bass extension, punch and flexible room positioning capabilities, especially in bass-heavy music genres like hip hop. Furthermore, its advanced EQ allows you to fine-tune it prior to recording for optimal bass output – so you can hear how a finished track will sound on bass-heavy systems like club speakers.

Are you ready to upgrade your home studio? Our knowledgeable experts are on hand to assist with selecting the appropriate equipment and accessories. With competitive financing plans and convenient layaway plans available, getting what you want won’t break the bank – apply now and start shopping prosumer gear today.