6ix9ine Rap Music Review

6ix9ine’s music remains urgent and hard to ignore despite his controversial sex video and accusations of child rape. His latest releases make a strong case that 6ix9ine won’t disappear anytime soon.

Rainbow coiff and face tattoos recall his gangsta roots in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, yet his sound distinctly belongs to SoundCloud generation. He delivers an uncompromising assault on your ears without much regard for melodic flow or lyrical complexity.

1. “BILLY”

Billy is an indecent witness who testified against Trippie Redd during his trial because of jealousy. However, Billy also has many dark secrets in his closet, such as choking 16-year-old boy at mall and sexual assaulting girlfriend; also feuds and threats made against other rappers by Billy.

He has an annoying voice and his songs don’t hold up very well, with him often screaming his lyrics out during performance and an annoying flow to them. Furthermore, his personality can only be described as bad-tempered; acting like an arrogant brat who constantly seeks attention through social media platforms and personal interactions.

He has several good songs, but isn’t an exceptional rapper; perhaps his signature track is “TROLLZ with Nicki Minaj.” However, he has done some charitable work and distributed money to people in need; he even visited terminally ill children who wished they could meet him! Additionally he donated funds to the Cristian Rivera Foundation, an non-profit that raises awareness for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma brain cancer.

2. “BEBE”

6ix9ine has become one of the most polarizing rappers to emerge from SoundCloud rap wave. His flashy aesthetic and troll persona have garnered him popularity; however, his criminal past has caused much debate. Since his rise to fame he has been involved with multiple charges.

On January 6, an altercation involving 16-year-old boy at Galleria Mall led to an arrest warrant against 6ix9ine. According to him, 6ix9ine grabbed him by his neck causing scratch marks and pain and threatened to beat him; although they managed to escape safely; it only solidified his reputation as an aggressive bad boy.

Six months later, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office requests that his plea agreement in 2015 sexual misconduct case against him be voided, so that he is required to register as a sexual offender and jailed up to three years.

In November, prosecutors filed felony racketeering charges against 6ix9ine and his manager Kifano “Shotti” Jordan for operating an unlawful criminal enterprise with members of Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods who have since been arrested for attacking individuals. Due to these accusations, 6ix9ine and Shotti had an argument, leading Shotti to leave their group altogether.

6ix9ine’s career has continued to thrive despite his challenges. His 2020 collaboration with Nicki Minaj, Trollz, peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100 chart; other singles like Gooba and Gummo also released. Additionally, 6ix9ine has contributed to various charity projects and paid his respects to late rapper XXXTentacion.

3. “KIKA”

The Kika Sound is created by the tongue, lips, alveolar ridge, palate and larynx to pronounce words and create vibrational sound that gives off an uplifted feeling. Furthermore, its stimulation of lungs, sinuses and nasal cavity promotes hormonal balance, improves mental health and decreases stress levels.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Hernandez, an American rapper and entrepreneur who first gained widespread prominence with his debut song “Trollz”, shot to stardom in 2020 with his initial single. Since then, he has collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby on multiple songs, as well as making significant donations to the Cristian Rivera Foundation, an organization which raises awareness and supports clinical research of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), an aggressive brain cancer that affects children.

However, the singer is not without controversy. He has been accused of bullying, sexual misconduct and physical assault – including in 2019 when he choked a 16-year-old fan at a mall and assaulted her girlfriend. Additionally, he is notorious as an informant, having provided testimonies during Trial of Nine Trey Gangsters as evidence. Furthermore he spied on fellow rappers Trippie Redd and Casanova among others.

4. “POLES1469”

The song includes a sample from Kanye West’s hit track “Kanga,” while 6ix9ine teases his signature catchphrase at the beginning. Its video has garnered over 350 million views on YouTube, showing 6ix9ine with his iconic rainbow-colored hair and tattoos standing among young black men wearing red bandanas that claim membership to Bloods street gang.

At one point in his music video, 6ix9ine hands out $100 bills to those in the crowd and is fully aware that these people may perceive him either as good or as evil. Furthermore, he’s been seen giving money away to residents of Mexico, showing that he truly practices generosity.

Trippie Redd, a popular rap producer and recording artist in California, invited 6ix9ine to California after hearing him on SoundCloud and featured him in several of his tracks including 2017 hit song ‘Exodia.’ Their collaboration would become so successful that major record labels soon launched bidding wars to sign him.

Even after his sudden success, those closest to Danny Hernandez still called him Danny. That was the Danny from Locust Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn who worked behind the counter of a diner, had Instagram fights, and shared an overcrowded two-bedroom apartment with his mom and brother.

By 2018, however, 6ix9ine had established himself as one of the faceless luminaries of hip-hop culture – an aggressive gangsta rapper known for waging public feuds against fellow artists while producing aggressive gangsta rap music and flaunting wealth through lyrics like “Couple chains, good drip, Rollie too swollie” which portray opulence and status that’s in stark contrast to his humble upbringing in Pennsylvania.

5. “GUMMO”

The song quickly went viral and spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, yet has been overshadowed by fights, gang feuds and other issues surrounding its artist. Furthermore, some critics criticized its depiction of violence which glorifies gang life in its lyrics and images.

6ix9ine stands out among other artists in his genre with his distinct rapping style, often using mumble rhymes that reference sexual content, drugs, money, cars and weapons – often while discussing his past affiliations to the Nine Trey Blood gang (formerly). Additionally he often speaks in an unusual accent that sometimes sounds as though he hails from another country and his songs have nonsensical titles like “93”, “DOOWEE”, and “FEFE”, with music videos often depicting repetitive scenes of him rapping with members of Nine Trey Blood Blood members or featuring candy rainbows or women.

He boasts a flashy aesthetic that embodies the bravado and swagger associated with hip-hop culture. However, his aggressive posturing has caused much controversy and led to criminal charges for assaulting two individuals. Furthermore, his political beliefs and support of white nationalism make him an especially controversial figure.

He revealed in an Instagram post that the 69 represents “Scum Gang,” alluding to feuds and disputes he’s been involved in as well as his famous tattoo that depicts popular sex positions.

No matter your musical tastes, 6ix9ine presents an alternative viewpoint than most artists in his industry. His flashy aesthetic and music have caused quite a bit of debate, while his many tattoos can often provoke strong opinions in people. Yet slowly but surely he seems to realize his views may not be so black-and-white after all.