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Addition of seventh chords can bring more nuanced and dynamic qualities to a harmonic progression, and allows songwriters to add tension through dissonance.

A major seventh chord (maj7 chord) consists of three major triads joined together with a major seventh interval and can create an intricate sound when used in jazz and bossa nova music.

Guitar Classes in Pune

Guitar is a beloved instrument among children and adults alike. To play for fun or pursue musical as a career, professional guidance will be essential. Pro School of Music motivates students of all ages and knowledge levels in reaching their musical goals.

An instructional guitar lesson provides pupils with the knowledge and skills needed to play melodies, chords and riffs on guitar. Students are encouraged to experiment with its sound in relation to their songs as well as taking advantage of an experienced instructor’s knowledge base.

AJ’s 6 String Guitar Classes provide lessons to beginners looking to pursue guitar as either a hobby or profession, at an affordable cost in Pune. Our school offers lessons at multiple locations.

Guitar Classes in Aundh

7 Chords offers tools and resources to assist adults who want to learn guitar as well as those looking to teach musical skills to their children. Spending some time learning this language of music requires commitment; find one with comfortable action and easy fret string access will be your first step.

Aundh is a suburb in Pune’s north-western region in India, near to both the University of Pune and other prominent areas in the city. Aundh boasts excellent infrastructure such as road networks. It has its own pin code: 411007. Aundh provides numerous housing options from old Aundhgaon to new suburban developments; its population boasts excellent schools, hospitals and shopping centres – making this a desirable suburb.

Guitar Classes in Baner

Guitar classes in Baner are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of music and how to play. A key aspect of successful learning is finding an instrument with low action that sounds good while being easy enough for fretting strings without buzzing, plus taking lessons regularly and practicing at home.

Sr No 163/2 Plot No 61 Sparkles Nursery School Kotbagi Hospital Ln Ganeshkhind Pune Maharashtra India 411007

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Guitar Classes in Balewadi

Guitar classes can be an excellent way to both learn an instrument and expand your musical horizons. No matter if you are an adult beginner or looking to teach their children music, the process of mastering any new instrument requires patience and passion – both are essential qualities in learning new instruments successfully.

Music guitar lessons can help build up your confidence, while familiarizing you with different chords and voicings. Furthermore, these classes give you a chance to experiment with chords outside of the standard major scale such as b7.

Guitar lessons in Pune aundh, baner, balewadi, pimple saudagar and wakad are provided by 7 chords music academy located at Sr No 163/2 Plot No 61 Sparkles Nursery School Kotbagi Hospital Lane Ganeshkhind Maharashtra 411007 India for our students who need guitar classes. Reach us on 9871757555555 to gain further information!

Guitar Classes in Pimple Saudagar

Pimple Saudagar is an upmarket locality situated in western Pune. Boasting excellent civic amenities and offering close proximity to major commercial, financial and manufacturing centres of Pune city, it has also proven an attractive residential destination.

Students enrolled in one-semester guitar courses can gain exposure to a wide range of styles and techniques, which may involve ensemble work, solo playing or both. Students may also focus on chord playing or note reading skills.

Public transport links the area well. PMPML buses frequently run across it and auto rickshaws can easily be found nearby. Furthermore, Kasarvadi railway station connects directly to Pune Junction by foot.