A Banjo Burner on a Stand Is Suitable For Pots Up to 100 Quarts

banjo burner

Built for safe cooking, this banjo burner features a 16-1/4-inch stability ring to provide stability when cooking with pots up to 100 quarts. Plus, this propane gas burner comes equipped with an adjustable high-pressure regulator and 48 inch hose to make for an effective, safe system.

The natural gas conversion valve allows you to make use of household natural gas pressure instead of propane tank inlet pressure for your Bayou classic banjo burner, so as to achieve faster boiling times and more accurately manage temperature control.

Product Description

The Banjo Burner is a high quality solid iron burner capable of producing up to 95,000 BTU’s. The banjo’s manifold distributes flame over a larger area than our Bayou Classic high pressure burner and features an adjustable regulator with 0-30 PSI control range for precise mashing, heating sparge water and home brewing needs. The burner stand features 16-1/4 inch cooking surface supported by stable 3/8″ vertical struts to safely accommodate pots up to 100 QT capacity – ideal for camping, tailgating, RVing tailgating RV’s, Scouting activities or backyard parties!

Product Specifications

This banjo burner features a 48-inch high pressure hose and regulator to connect it to a propane supply, and allows it to achieve rapid boiling of liquid ingredients quickly while simultaneously controlling temperatures for cooking and mashing mashing. Brewers will find this dual functioning burner more versatile than other types of gas cookers as it saves them both time and money; its stability ring measuring 16-1/4 inches in diameter supports larger pots while its adjustable regulator offers precise flame control with natural or LP gas supplies.

Product Options

This heavy-duty banjo burner boasts a manifold system to evenly disperse flame, creating a hot flame for rapid boiling. Ideal for use with larger pots and equipped with an adjustable regulator to precisely manage its flame output, this burner makes an excellent choice for mash tuns or heating sparge water; boiling times are dramatically decreased compared to conventional gas burners.

This welded steel frame is covered in high heat resistant paint for added safety, featuring a 16-in cooking surface protected by high heat resistant paint and measuring 16-1/4 in in diameter for safe stockpot support up to 100-quart capacity. A 16-1/4-in stability ring helps ensure proper positioning of the burner, as well as 48in of LP gas hose and 30psi regulator are included as standard equipment.

Product Warranty

An outdoor banjo burner on a stand allows the user to cook without fear for their safety when cooking outdoors. Featuring a 16-1/4-inch stability ring for optimal positioning when in use, this burner produces up to 95,000 BTU’s and includes a high pressure 48″ hose and regulator system.

Warming Trends will repair or replace your burner and its component parts at no charge during its warranty period if they prove defective in material and craftsmanship. Unfortunately, however, this warranty does not cover losses or damages caused by acts of God, normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance or unapproved repairs/modifications; or FireStorm(r) steel log components sold separately which have different terms for warranty coverage.

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