A Cat Who Plays Piano Can Calm His Owner

Between Boomerangs, #foodporn and creepy ads on Instagram, it can be challenging to escape the noise. Istanbul-based musician Sarper Duman’s soothing piano videos provide the ideal solution.

Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow rescued Nora, an American shorthair from shelter life, to join their other seven cats. All enjoy music but only Nora can play piano.


Nora the Piano Cat was an international viral animal sensation from Philadelphia who inspired millions worldwide. A gray tabby rescue from Camden, NJ streets by Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow!, Nora was quickly trained to sit at a piano and produce some beautiful melodies courtesy of Betsy Alexander’s musical expertise and burnell Yow’s artistic eye! When Nora discovered she could also play musical notes beautifully she became an internet phenomenon!

This couple filmed and uploaded videos of Kitty onto YouTube. At first, they were surprised when the videos quickly went viral – now, with over one million subscribers and inspiring art, poetry, and love of music for many – yet they insist Kitty did not learn how to play from them but by watching and imitating music students who came for lessons at their home.

Due to Nora’s unprecedented success, her parents established a nonprofit dedicated to music and arts education. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of musical activities on cognitive development and self-expression while helping foster empathy and cultural understanding. Unfortunately, schools are cutting arts programs due to budget restrictions, leaving children without access to music and creative opportunities; therefore the foundation seeks innovative solutions to address this challenge.

The couple are working on various projects to honor Nora’s legacy, including writing her life story in book form and creating an interactive website where anyone can share how she has changed their lives.


Goose the Cat (named for Maverick’s friend in Top Gun) quickly became one of the breakout characters when she made her debut in 2019. Instantaneously becoming fan favorites, Goose will return in 2019’s Marvels film as an animated character who takes her role seriously despite being played by CGI animals.

TikTok users were left mesmerized when Rebecca shared this video of her cat sitting perched atop a piano stool and plucking away at its keys with its paws – and it has since been seen over 7.8 million times! Rebecca made light of their cat’s prodigious piano skills by captioning the post with something like, “My son Goose: Child Prodigy.”

Goose may not be musically talented like other pets, but that doesn’t stop her from learning the piano! Cats have long been fascinated with instruments and confident felines may often be found roaming around a piano looking to demonstrate their talents.

Goose won’t be returning as Reggie in the second Captain Marvel film due to filming schedule issues. Due to these restrictions, Boone’s Animals for Hollywood was forced to find an equivalent replacement feline and has hinted that it may be female feline and two identical orange tabbies who will share her role. She may surprise audiences in this sequel with tentacles coming out of her mouth!


Winslow, a seven-year-old tabby cat from Philadelphia, was taught to use piano keys as his signal instead of meowing incessantly for food. Owner Kate Nyx says they have been teaching him the instrument since he was kitten; “he loves it and it helps calm him when he gets upset,” according to The Independent. Videos showing Winslow playing mini-ivories has gone viral across Twitter and TikTok with Nyx asking her pet “is it dinner time yet”, to which Winslow responds with long meow “It isn’t now.”

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Kate Nyx

Winslow, a seven-year-old tabby from Philadelphia in the United States trained by his owner Kate Nyx to paw at pianos may have discovered the perfect way to alert her that it is time for food. Winslow can now rap on his miniature piano keys whenever he feels hungry or needs other things such as litter cleaning or affection.

Nyx, an accomplished musician herself, began teaching her cat an instrument so as to stop him meowing so loudly. “[He would run around screaming all the time] until it got too much for me. It helped,” she told SWNS.

Nyx poses the question to her feline companion Winslow whether it’s time for dinner. After tickling his ivory keys briefly, Winslow lets out an audible meow that sounds similar to one made by an unhappy and hungry cat demanding sustenance.

Nyx notes that she has tried giving Winslow smaller meals throughout the day in order to force him to work harder for his treats – this has proven successful so far, often rewarding him with leafy greens instead of his traditional favorite of bananas.