Adding a Banjo Countertop to Your Bathroom

banjo countertop

Integrating a banjo countertop into your bathroom design will instantly elevate its aesthetic. This style of countertop extends over the toilet, offering extra storage space while creating a modern appearance in your space.

However, banjo countertops must be treated carefully in order to preserve both their aesthetic appeal and longevity. Avoid cutting directly on them as this could result in premature wear-and-tear wear as well as compromised sealants.

Adding a touch of elegance

Banjo bathroom vanity tops are an eye-catching and practical addition to any modern or contemporary bathroom. Conceived as tops that extend over the toilet, these stylish tops add a special touch to any space, instantly elevating its aesthetic while offering additional counter space for storage of bathroom essentials and more. For an effortless look, pair your banjo top with other features in the room such as banjo-shaped mirrors or shelves made in its likeness for an alluring finish.

A banjo countertop can be constructed of various materials to match the aesthetic of your bathroom, such as wood or stone; you can even customize its color according to the decor in your home. Or for something more modern and contemporary, glass top options are also an option.

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Adding storage

A banjo countertop is a special type of bathroom counter, featuring thin and narrow dimensions and stretching from vanity area across to toilet area. Its name derives from its banjo-like appearance; however, its uses vary greatly; one option would be adding cabinetry tower above for additional storage space in smaller bathrooms.

Though cabinets and shelves tend to dominate bathroom storage solutions, there are other creative methods of adding extra space – one being using decorative glass jars to store a variety of items – this not only adds some elegance to the room but can help keep it neat and organized as well.

Adding a focal point

Banjo vanity tops can add a lot of character and sophistication to any bathroom, providing it has enough room. Extending over the toilet, they offer modern style while creating a focal point in any space they adorn. When installing one however, a few considerations must be kept in mind before making your purchase decision.

One of the key aspects of creating an appealing bathroom space is matching up the banjo counter to its surroundings. For instance, in a white bathroom using a different colored top can add visual interest while also helping tie everything together more cohesively.

A second tip when selecting a countertop with an eye-catching finish is selecting one with an eye-catching edge finish such as Cambria’s Moraine edge with its rough-cut that resembles natural stone cliff. This style of countertop will definitely impress guests and bring style into any rustic and nature-inspired designs or log cabin interiors, adding an eye-catching piece into any room in your home.

An easy way to upgrade your bathroom is with a banjo countertop. These functional tops can be utilized in any type of bathroom and offer many advantages, including increased storage and style. They can even be combined with other elements, like banjo-inspired mirrors or shelves, to form a cohesive and beautiful bathroom design scheme.

Adding a touch of style

Bathrooms often lack storage space, making finding creative ways to add it a difficult challenge. While cabinets and shelves may garner all the attention, one option that many homeowners overlook is banjo countertops; these unique surfaces stretch from vanity counter to over the tank of the toilet creating an eye-catching appearance in your bathroom.

Banjo countertops can add an eye-catching flair to any bathroom and are easily combined with other elements, like mirrors or shelves shaped like banjos to complete its design. A banjo-shaped mirror or shelf will also work to complete this seamless look and help tie together its design seamlessly.

A banjo countertop can add style and character to any bathroom space, while providing ample storage space. There are countless banjo tops online so that you’re bound to find one that meets both your needs and aesthetic requirements.