Alvarez 6 Strings Bass Guitar Pickups Review

6 strings bass guitar pickups

The EMG P6 six string bass pickup offers a broad spectrum of classic and modern styles. Equipped with ceramic magnets and short coils for exceptional articulation, warmth, and low end punch – this pickup stands out.

Soapbar humbucking pickups come in various sizes to meet the needs of both bass players and vocalists alike. Their asymmetric blade design produces powerful lows and lower-mids with enhanced treble response from narrower apertures.


The EMG 45DC bass humbucker is an outstanding, modern-sounding pickup with two coils filled with ceramic bar magnets for plenty of punch and clarity. Ideal for bass players requiring to cut through loud mixes, as well as those looking for wide tonal range from the highest highs to dirtiest lows – plus it comes in an extended housing that fits most six string spacing requirements!

I’ve heard that EMG bass humbuckers work adequately in guitars, although they won’t sound quite as great as an 8 string bass pickup (Lungdren). Bass humbuckers feature coils connected in parallel, giving the impression of single coil pickups; plus they tend to feature more midrange scoop than regular guitar humbuckers resulting in less balanced tone overall.

However, for optimal bass guitar sound quality and tone you should opt for passive bass humbuckers with 4 conductor wiring. These will offer greater balance and let you maximize its potential; many online music stores sell these types of pickups.


The EMG P6 bass pickup is similar to its larger EMG-P counterpart but tailored specifically for 6-string basses. Utilizing short squat coils with lots of inductance and ceramic magnets for clarity, this pickup offers plenty of inductance while ceramic magnets enhance clarity for maximum versatility and clarity in classic and modern styles. Pro musicians love its natural presence, superior definition and low noise level – as well as its wider dynamic range providing more headroom than passive pickups for soloing purposes. You can add an EMG X Series preamp for even greater touch sensitivity and expanded dynamic range!


EMG Magnetic Pickups is one of the premier magnetic pickup manufacturers. Their designs recognize how even minute variations can make an immense difference to how a bass guitar sounds, so they constantly seek ways to improve upon them. Their GB6 bass guitar pickup stands as proof. Utilizing dual ceramic bar magnets for full, dynamic tone with plenty of sustain – this humbucker provides full dynamic tone while remaining durable when used passive or active basses can pair it with various preamps for multiple tonal options.

There are many differences among the various bass guitar pickup types available on the market today, each type boasting its own set of characteristics that make it suitable for certain genres or playing styles. Many may seem subtle to a casual observer; those who actually play bass know what we mean when discussing tonal differences between an Aguilar Thunderbird with dual humbuckers and Jag with split-coil P pickups for example.

Single-coil bass pickups are often distinguished by their ability to create an array of tones, from classic single-note spank to the thick chug of funk. Their flexibility lies in their design: each string falls between two polepieces of the coil which transfers more harmonic overtones into its signal than just fundamental tone.

Dual-coil humbuckers are more complex than their single-coil counterparts, as their humcancelling mechanism relies on coil wrappings being done clockwise on Coil A and counterclockwise on Coil B to cancel out mains hum. As their opposite polarities and directions compete against each other to produce an interference wave that cancels out hum.

The J bass pickup is another versatile pick up type that is suitable for many musical genres. Though known for its use in jazz music, its use has expanded well beyond this genre to become popular with slap players like Larry Graham as well as rock musicians such as Flea and Jaco Pastorius. Its barking spanky tone lends itself well to punk and surf rock while its clarity and focus make it ideal for use with funk or pop bass lines.

Alvarez 6 String Pickups

Alvarez stands out in an industry that favors mass-produced acoustic guitars by crafting each bass individually by experienced luthiers with meticulous attention to detail. Their handcrafted basses have garnered them the trust of artists both at home and at festivals alike; each model delivers sound and feel exactly what musicians expect.

Alvarez Acoustic Basses feature premium tonewoods and carefully considered construction. Their unique designs allow them to produce an acoustic bass that sounds as beautiful as its looks, ideal for beginners as well as professionals alike, providing comfortable necks with great sounding tone, as well as equipped with an LR Baggs active pickup system and ready for stage or studio performances.

The Laureate Series LF70e Folk-OM acoustic-electric bass features Sitka spruce and East Indian rosewood construction for a balanced tone featuring shimmering highs, warm lows, and pleasing overtones. To further its acoustic-electric capabilities, an LR Baggs HiFi pickup system captures natural acoustic sound dynamics to amplify it acoustically-electric performances.

The LD70e stands out with its impressive FS6 bracing system, designed to optimize its response of its solid spruce top. The hand-cut quartersawn spruce braces efficiently transmit vibration through the top for increased resonance and sustain. Furthermore, this forward-shifted bracing pushes an X brace closer to the soundhole; increasing soundboard area while producing an open, dynamic tone.

Among its key features of the LD70e is its ultra-thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish, which increases rigidity of its body and thus improving tone and performance while simultaneously protecting from environmental damage. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with an LR Baggs Element under-saddle pickup providing endless tonal possibilities.

This used Laureate Series bass guitar is in great shape and sounds amazing. There are three small dings on its body – two near its lower horn and one by its input jack – but its action remains excellent and is strung with standard nickel strings for optimal playback. Furthermore, its included hard shell case remains undamaged as well.