Banjo Health Announces Series A Financing

Banjo Health is an innovative healthcare technology solution provider that enhances existing prior authorization practices using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their focus lies on simplifying Prior Authorization for payers while simultaneously improving healthcare experiences across the board.

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HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Certification

The HITRUST framework supports global organizations in protecting sensitive information and managing information risk across industries. It specializes in the healthcare space to aid those demonstrating HIPAA compliance as well as help covered entities (hospitals or insurers) determine whether their vendors can be trusted with handling ePHI.

Navigating a complex regulatory environment is no easy feat, particularly when creating or updating an information security program. To simplify matters for organizations HITRUST’s framework provides a single, comprehensive, flexible set of prescriptive and scalable security controls designed to fit into your organization. Based on federal and state regulations, standards, frameworks as well as incorporating risk-based controls.

Gaining HITRUST certification can do more than boost your company’s image – it can also assist in designing a cybersecurity strategy to minimize oversights or errors. A recent study demonstrated that organizations holding such certification reduced error risk by over 40%.

When selecting a HITRUST assessment, there are various options available to you: r2 Validated Assessment, i1 Readiness Assessment or Rapid Recertification Assessment. Of these assessments, r2 is widely regarded as the “gold standard,” due to its modern requirements, depth of review and level of oversight; thus making it ideal for organizations wanting to ensure they employ leading security practices.

The i1 assessment is an abbreviated version of the r2 assessment that reduces time and cost while still offering assurance. It evaluates your company’s policies and procedures to verify compliance with leading security practices.

HITRUST-approved external assessors offer a quick and cost-effective assessment called an “i1 Assessment”, perfect for individuals in the early stages of creating their information security program. Medium to large businesses may benefit more from an assessment known as “r2”, which evaluates policies, procedures and implementations as well as security controls to see if they’re being properly implemented, managed and measured.


Composer is a software application designed to assist developers in easily creating and managing dependencies for their applications. This greatly facilitates speedy development processes while simultaneously speeding up manual processes that could take too much time otherwise. Furthermore, Composer offers a safe way of tracking changes within code; plus it’s free! You can find this resource available in the GitHub repository.

Composers are professional musicians who write music professionally. Composers use special notation forms such as staff notation to write musical scores that musicians use when performing their works. Composers may work independently or collaboratively with other musicians; some composers even belong to bands and collaborate with bandmates when writing musical scores for performances; while other composers are employed by classical summer camps and festivals as music teachers for students.

Banjo Health’s Composer is an AI workflow builder that automates the process of creating and updating clinical criteria decision trees. Utilizing OCR and natural language processing technology, this workflow ingests and produces instant decision trees for specific drugs based on clinical criteria inputted through OCR or natural language processing – then clinicians can use its drag-and-drop user interface to customize each tree to their own requirements.

At present, this company has secured $7M from investors including Epsilon Health Investors and Spark Growth Ventures, with customers such as VividClearRX and Fairscript among its client list. Established in 2019 and located in Washington D.C.

The latest version of composer requires PHP 7.2.5 or later for optimal operation, although long-term support versions are also available with earlier versions of PHP. When working from a cloned repository, pass –prefer-source in order for composer to prefer using its source instead of dist by default.

Banjo has joined forces with healthcare data integration and management platform Opala to streamline prior authorization for providers. Leveraging Banjo’s Composer AI workflow automation technology combined with Opala’s healthcare interoperability platform enables automatic prior authorization at point of ordering, helping healthcare providers comply with proposed CMS rules while meeting industry demand for prior authorization automation. This new technology could revolutionize workflow for both healthcare providers and payers alike.


BanjoPA is an AI-powered prior authorization workflow solution. This platform automates, streamlines and reduces manual review of medical and pharmacy authorization requests while making healthcare providers’ lives simpler while assuring patients receive their medications on time. Designed for both health plans and pharmacies.

Prior authorization can be a tedious and time-consuming process that often causes delays to therapy that have adverse impacts on patient outcomes and costs. Therefore, having an error-free solution like Banjo PA from Banjo Health to help simplify and expedite prior authorization processes is so critical.

Banjo Health was established in 2019 to offer intelligent workflow solutions in healthcare. Their proprietary software called Composer automates and simplifies medical and pharmacy prior authorization processes while helping improve the patient experience by eliminating delays to therapy. Banjo PA works alongside Composer to make prior authorization more user-friendly.

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Banjo’s Mission

Banjo Health announced it has secured over $5 Million in Series A financing led by Epsilon Health Investors with participation from Spark Growth Ventures and Tau Ventures. This investment will be used to accelerate Banjo’s expansion of its AI-driven prior authorization (“PA”) solution, which improves patient experience while simultaneously cutting costs by automating manual processes that are time consuming, expensive, and error prone.

Banjo PA is an industry pioneer when it comes to healthcare AI, providing providers with technology and services that enable them to streamline prior authorization procedures and avoid unwarranted denials of coverage that negatively impact patient outcomes. They have developed an advanced machine-learning solution which evaluates claims before sending them on for processing with Medicare or commercial payers allowing fast, accurate decisions to be reached quickly and reliably.

Banjo was suspended after online news outlet OneZero reported that Banjo founder Damien Patton had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan and taken part in an attack at a synagogue as a teenager, sparking outrage and prompting Utah state auditor John Dougall to investigate it further.

No one seemed to know exactly how this company was collecting or storing public data, using it or selling it to third parties; and they also refused to reveal how many law enforcement agencies it worked with.

Now, after Intermountain and the state attorney general’s office both suspended contracts with Banjo, it has issued an announcement saying it will no longer ingestion any government data or provide services to government entities until an independent third-party audit has been contracted and completed – an indication that Banjo has heard criticism of its surveillance-like activities, recognizing transparency and accountability requirements as essential parts of doing business with governments. On Wednesday the company released a statement saying any company working with government should be subject to audits and oversight oversight procedures.