Banjo Kazooie Amiibo Guide

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Grounded: 0 – This amiibo is ideal for egg gimping and ledge guarding as well as two framing up air moves.


The Banjo amiibo can be trained in many ways, depending on how you approach its training. Ideally, aim to have its main behavioral sliders as close to max as possible before working on its other move values. I suggest also equipping it with some Spirits from its Spirit Pack such as Raid Boss bonus which boosts Attack and Defense; especially since this character belongs to heavyweight classification; increasing either stat will only improve performance further.

As for its other Spirits, I would suggest equipping it with Glide and Right Guard; these two Spirits will aid its defensive play by keeping combos at bay or protecting it from being hit by an attacker. Furthermore, consider equipping some Aerials such as Banjo’s back throw which can combo into its down attack at lower percentages while its forward/up attacks provide effective damage-rackeders.

Wonderwing can also be useful when training an amiibo for competitive tournaments, making use of its down air on ledge more likely. This means it can juggle opponents more efficiently using its unique default behavior and take down enemies with 70% or lower KO rates more effectively than with other spirits.

One important thing to keep in mind when considering this amiibo is that its abilities don’t align well with either the Punishment or Crimson & White bonuses; both are meant to combat overly powerful attacks or those which are too inconsistent in their attacks.

This amiibo is an ideal gift for fans of the series or of Smash in general and can be purchased immediately. The paint and sculpting are exceptional and make this piece a wonderful homage to an iconic game – though unfortunately it doesn’t come with its own display box (though at this price this should not be too much of a concern). I am thrilled that Nintendo released it once more and look forward to more from them in future installments of this franchise – thanks for reading! –By MiDe who frequently contributes her expertise on SmashFeed!


Banjo & Kazooie was released three months ahead of other DLC characters, giving trainers plenty of time to experiment with their moveset and build. For maximum effectiveness, all behavioral sliders should be set fairly high; especially their air offensive, which affects how often Banjo & Kazooie attacks in the air – aim for around 85% as this allows your duo to land air chains or juggles more easily than usual. If desired, lower it by up to 10%; any lower could cause over-air attacks and cause them over-air attacks as lowered too far reducing effectiveness reducing effectiveness by forcing too often air offensive attacks or overair attacks by over-air attacking too often instead.

Egg Firing, their neutral special, is a slow-moving projectile which sends blue eggs flying out of Kazooie’s mouth that follow gravity and deal damage according to where they land on the ground. It’s useful against opponents, gimping them or starting ladder combos and can stall the duo’s aerial momentum if used midair while transitioning seamlessly into Breegull Blaster when held.

Banjo & Kazooie stands out among DLC characters with its powerful down tilt, capable of knocking most grounded opponents under 140% back with its significant knockback and knockback force. Unfortunately, its high startup lag (11 frames) limits its overall usefulness; though its hitboxes above their heads make for good stalling or setting up juggles; its weak landing damage makes some heavyweight opponents vulnerable against this move.

Their down air, Wonder Wing, is an effective combo starter that kills well. With great range for a down-angled launch and powerful speed and knockback properties, it follows up into Down Smashes or Breegull Blaster egg shots for confirmations. However, its high landing lag renders it ineffective as an effective recovery strategy and its small hitboxes at ledges limit its ledge trapping potential.

Their side special, Rear Egg, is an impressively flexible tool. Not only can it use its solid base damage to pressure opponents with it, but its low air speed and jump height makes it a useful gimping tool as well. Plus its low start-up lag means that its use may even help initiate ladder combos at lower percentages!


Banjo the honey bear and Kazooie the breezy seagull are at the center of Banjo-Kazooie series that captured gamers worldwide. Their charming banjo-clause tactics and egg-cellent shooting skills ensure they leave rivals feeling powerless quickly – now, these perfect partners can rely on an army of Jinjos and Mighty Jinjonator to deal the final blow against any “feeble jerks” who stand in their path!

Take advantage of your NFC touchpoint on a compatible system to unlock in-game extras when tapping an amiibo accessory to the NFC touchpoint! Now available in games such as Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Hyrule Warriors, now is an excellent time to discover or add new characters to your collection!

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Getting Started

Banjo-Kazooie amiibo figures – featuring the adorable honey bear with his quirky friend the Breegull – will make their debut appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next year alongside Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and Fire Emblem’s Byleth. Individual or set purchase is already available – preorder yours today!

Banjo can make for an effective addition to any amiibo metagame when trained properly, however there are a few important considerations before training it. First and foremost, make sure all behavioral values of your amiibo have been trained prior to moving onto their move values for stability purposes. This will give your training efforts the best start possible.

As for behavioral values, train the amiibo to excel at down air moves, neutral specials and ledge trapping. This will enable you to take full advantage of its powerful ledge attack as well as chain down air moves together efficiently. Furthermore, practicing parrying abilities of your amiibo will prevent opponents from edge guarding it effectively.

Otherwise, behavioral values aren’t necessary for creating an amiibo; some notable ones include Item Collector (ideally 0) which controls when and how often an amiibo picks up items; increasing this value allows the amiibo to collect more character items, like grenade eggs which could come in handy during a breegull build; Critical Hitter doesn’t have much impact here but could prove invaluable when creating one with heavy damage output.

Training this amiibo requires practicing its grounded value; this determines how often it jumps to intercept its opponent and catch them quickly with down tilt, forward smash and offstage attacks like down tilt and forward sweep. Training its grounded value can also enhance offstage attacks such as down tilt and forward sweep.