Banjo Kazooie Cheats

banjo kazooie cheats

Banjo-Kazooie made waves when it debuted. Unlike Nintendo’s Super Mario 64, this Rare game encouraged players to explore its potted world in search of musical notes and jigsaw pieces (Jiggies), along with health upgrades, Mumbo tokens, move unlocks, and other goodies.

But if you want something extra, try these Banjo-Kazooie cheat codes.

1. Bottles’ Bonus Codes

Looking at the picture of Bottles above the fireplace in Banjo’s house on Spiral Mountain will reveal several codes for players to access. In order to gain access to them, first complete Underwater Castle in Treasure Trove Cove before returning home and standing on green rug in front of fireplace pressing C-Up until Bottles speaks and puzzle game will commence.

Bottles Bonus is a straightforward yet entertaining puzzle game with multiple challenging layers to it. Consisting of 20 jigsaw pieces strewn about, you must move Banjo’s hands to collect and place back within an allotted time limit. Once completed, after being told he has some special codes you may use during future rounds to alter their appearance; with BOTTLES BONUS ONE increasing Banjo’s head size; BOTTLES BONUS TWO expanding hands and feet size, BOTTLES BONUS THREE increasing Kazooie wings size as well as making his torso tall and sausage-like!

Cheato and Stop ‘N’ Swop Bottles’ Bonus Codes do not carry over to subsequent games in the series, but may provide other advantages. Please be aware that any given Bonus Code may only be used once before it disappears upon either quitting or experiencing game overs. Furthermore, these Bonus Codes disable saving capabilities and will prevent posting scores to leaderboards on XBLA.

Once all seven rounds of Bottles’ Bonus Codes have been completed, a final puzzle will be revealed. This stage would have featured in Click Clock Wood had Rare decided not to scrap both it and Fungus Forest and use their levels instead as Hailfire Peaks in Banjo-Kazooie.

2. Stop ‘N’ Swap Eggs

Rareware had proposed Stop ‘N’ Swap as a pre-DLC method to transfer items between Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel Banjo-Tooie; unfortunately it never took shape due to technical complications but remains an intriguing concept that may serve as the precursor of modern-day DLC services.

Original plans for this feature included having players transfer an Ice Key and six Mystery Eggs between N64 Banjo-Kazooie and its successor Banjo-Tooie using Stop ‘N’ Swap; however, this concept was ultimately abandoned and used instead as collectible items in Banjo-Tooie instead.

Banjo and Kazooie can find three of the seven Stop ‘N’ Swap eggs when first starting the game (Cyan, Red, and Yellow Eggs), while unlocking the other four requires players using cheat codes such as Enable Bottles to access other areas earlier or overcome minor obstacles like boulders and note doors more quickly. If more than two cheat codes are used however, Grunty will warn them that any additional ones used will be erased on reset.

To complete their Stop ‘N’ Swap egg collection, gamers must visit the sandcastle and enter CHEAT (moo), followed by “NOWYOUCANSEEANICEICEKEYWHICHYOUCANHAVEFORFREE”. This will unlock the final egg as well as display it during winter season on Nabnut’s table in Click Clock Wood.

Banjo-Tooie features the Ice Key which unlocks a large Ice Vault inside Humba Wumba’s wigam and the Mega Glowbo to transform Kazooie into Dragon Kazooie. Heggy’s house holds Yellow Egg which must be hatched by Kazooie while Pink and Blue Eggs can be obtained by defeating certain Banjo-Kazooie Game Pak enemies located around Witchy World.

Even though Stop ‘N’ Swap was ultimately dropped, its functionality was eventually implemented into both Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie when they were brought over to Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. It can be used to unlock items such as Breegull Bash, Jinjo multiplayer character upgrade, Homing Egg upgrade, Xbox Gamer Pic and Theme for Xbox.

3. Ice Key

Banjo and Kazooie’s world is filled with hidden collectibles that are only attainable using certain methods. Some come in the form of codes given out by Cheato or other characters, while others are specific locations within the game – for instance an egg marked “Ice Key”, as well as seven colorful Mystery Eggs hidden behind an impenetrable wall in Freezeezy Peak.

Egg and Ice Key items in Banjo-Kazooie remain among the hardest-to-reach secrets, despite attempts at making them more accessible through GameShark and other hacks discovered years later. Luckily, there’s an NSO version with an original hidden code which allows players to unlock both items with just one step!

To activate this cheat, players must first obtain the Ice Key from Heggy’s Hen House in Terrydactyland by learning the Hatch move. Once this Egg has been obtained, return to Heggy’s and Bill Drill will reveal a hidden room with an extra life. Alternatively, players can enter “Banjo Is A Washing Machine” code into Mumbo’s Hut which allows players to traverse walls and doors of other areas while still using Mombo Magic ability.

Additionally, the Ice Key makes an appearance in Banjoland through the melting snowman and can be seen lying near Banjo’s House in Terrarium of Terror – though not meant for collection via Stop ‘N’ Swap, its purpose may have been to turn Kazooie into a dragon (and potentially enable similar feats in Banjo-Pilot).

To activate this cheat, players must enter the code “CHEAT NOW YOU CAN SEE A NICE ICE KEY WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FOR FREE” onto the Sand Castle floor in Treasure Trove Cove. When typing each letter of this code correctly, a sound will accompany each entry while dissolving its ice walls will reveal an Ice Key which can then be used to access Mystery Eggs and Jiggy!

4. Jiggies

Jiggies are special items earned throughout the game as well as found in certain locations, which can be used to unlock other levels or levels in different areas. You’ll have to empty Leaky the bucket with two eggs before entering Sand Castle; inside there, input codes by tapping down one tile at a time on floor tiles until one works – any mistakes mean having to exit and reenter before trying again!

The list below illustrates how codes work; simply input letters until a message tells you to stop typing them in. Some codes unlock items while others complete pictures allowing you to bypass levels like Clanker’s Cavern or Gobi’s Valley.

Use codes to increase your max red feather count or gold feather count – an especially useful tactic if you’re trying to bypass some of the more challenging levels. But keep in mind that these won’t work if your game is timed, or hasn’t been saved properly!

By successfully beating his moving picture minigame, you can also unlock some of Bottles’ Bonus Codes and alter Banjo and Kazooie’s appearance purely cosmetically. Each code changes their heads or feet as follows: BOTTLESBONUSONE makes Banjo’s head large BOTTLESBONUSTWO makes his hands and feet larger BOTTLESBONUSTHREE makes Kazooie’s head and wings bigger BOTTLESBONUSFOUR gives Banjo skinny body, small head, but large hands & feet finally BOTTLESBONUSFIVE combines all three effects & alters the appearances accordingly