Banjo Steering Wheel

Steering wheels have long been an integral component of automotive life. From complete interior designs, to serving as the focal point for drivers themselves, steering wheels have long been integral components.

Custom 15.5” Classic Banjo steering wheels designed specifically for hot rods and custom cars come equipped with a working horn button, V-8 or DeLuxe logos, and insignias to identify V8 or DeLuxe models.


Are You Thinking About Upgrading Your Vehicle’s Steering Wheel? There Are Numerous Options Available

Banjo steering wheels make an excellent addition to hot rods and custom cars, providing classic looks with its 15.5-inch diameter and finger grips on their backsides. Furthermore, these wheels come complete with V-8 or DeLuxe insignias, customizable horn buttons and can even come molded with solid colors while others have color-matched hub and rim options.

The traditional banjo steering wheel features 12 “banjo” strings in three groups of four that connect its center to its metal reinforced outer wheel. It is generally mounted to a steering column; however, firewall and dashboard mounting options may also be possible. Compatible with standard nine-bolt installation hubs and horn buttons.

Banjo steering wheels designed specifically to fit certain older Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks can be purchased through automotive specialty shops or online retailers. They fit seamlessly since their size matches that of the wheel on their original steering column. These wheels may also come equipped with special mounting points.

There are various types of banjo steering wheels, each offering distinct advantages and drawbacks. For instance, flat style steering wheels are well suited to road use and often found on racing vehicles – their only real drawback being they move controls away from drivers more frequently activating them while driving.


This striking “banjo” steering wheel was inspired by the Petri wheels found on many coachbuilt cars of the 1950s. At 15 1/2″ diameter and with embossed finger grips on its reverse, this piece can provide a very comfortable driving experience. Available in either black or ivory colors and compatible with various boss kits for Flat 4 cars, horn buttons are sold separately but should work seamlessly with this wheel.

This classic banjo style wheel is made from UV stable thermoset urethane plastic designed to offer optimal finger grip comfort. Its color matches to both steering column and seat leather to complete its classic vintage interior scheme look.

These wheels are identical to the wheels found on older Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks. Measuring 18″, these wheels feature 15 stainless steel spokes connected by chrome horn buttons – ideal for truck projects as well as custom car installations! Available in various colors for easy customization!

This beautiful black wheel offers a classic look for hot rods and custom cars. The color-matched rim matches up perfectly to your steering column, while its functional horn button adds character. A great addition for vintage Volkswagen Beetles, Ghias or Type 3s; installation requires the purchase of a Flat 4 boss kit (sold separately). This horn button features the factory Wolfsburg Crested button found on early 1971 models without wiper switches on their columns; modern cars using VW-style horn buttons with non-traditional screw-on designs would benefit too.


A banjo steering wheel’s skeleton is typically composed of aluminum, and covered by soft yet resilient foam material like Polyurethane (PU). To enhance appearance and improve feel of steering wheel use, leather or other materials may also be layered over it to give it more character and enhance comfort while protecting from impacts or abrasions. PU materials offer impact resistance.

A banjo steering wheel can be tailored specifically to match any vehicle’s interior. Its rim may feature materials like wood or chrome; and some manufacturers even produce heated-rim models to help drivers remain comfortable during cold weather driving conditions.

Steering wheel material is crucial because it affects how it grips and handles. A tight grip may increase risk when hitting rocks or potholes – therefore a light grip should be recommended in order to minimize this potential danger.

This classic 15.5″ diameter wheel features a comfortable finger grip pattern for effortless control and has been finished off in chrome with a V-8 or DeLuxe logo horn button, color matched to match steering column or seat leather color to complete its classic appearance. Perfect for Hot Rods and Custom Cars alike; fits both GM columns as well as Ford columns.

Vintage VW Black Banjo steering wheels offer another option. This 14″ steering wheel features brushed aluminum spokes with mahogany wood grip for optimal comfort, making this wheel an excellent addition to any Beetle or Ghia. To install it properly you will require an adapter and horn button which are sold separately.

If you’re in search of an elegant banjo steering wheel, check out the Flat 4 Banjo steering wheel. Inspired by original PETRI steering wheels from the 1950s and ’60s, this stunning wheel can be painted to suit any vehicle and installed easily using a Flat 4 boss kit.


Use this banjo steering wheel as an accent piece in your car’s interior to add classic charm. Made with UV stable thermoset urethane plastic for comfort finger grip patterns and classic banjo style. Also comes equipped with functional horn button, custom colors and designs are available to complement your vehicle.

This steering wheel was specifically designed to work with standard GM column mounts, eliminating the need for an adapter horn adapter. Perfect for hot rods and customized classic cars alike. Molded with comfortable finger grip patterns for optimal hand position. Horn button features V-8 or DeLuxe insignia on its button horn button; black gloss finish.

Banjo steering wheels differ from standard steering wheels by requiring pushing down to turn. Once mastered, this method allows for sharp turns at high speeds without losing control and can help protect fingers and thumbs in an accident situation. A light grip also improves safety; keeping fingers from being pinched between spokes.

Installing a banjo steering wheel requires first removing its old one, then securely fastening a new steering wheel with nuts onto its hub, screwing on horn buttons to the top hub, tightening all nuts on all components until everything is secure, tightening horn button nuts until everything is tight – and you are finished!

United Pacific Industries has the answer with this 18-inch banjo steering wheel from United Pacific Industries. This 18-inch steering wheel fits Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks and features stainless steel spokes with chrome horn button horn button; you can customize its paint color or leave its original polished billet finish.