Bass Guitar Aguilar Pickups

Bass guitar aguilar pickups provide big, dynamic tone with rich harmonic overtones and an old-school vibe. Their dual ceramic magnets give these pickups their signature huge personality and thick low end that make them suitable for any playing style.

These passive, hum-canceling pickups were specifically developed for 4 and 5-string Fender Jazz Bass(r) basses and offer exceptional string-to-string balance, consistent tone quality, and rich harmonic content. Furthermore, they make an outstanding accompaniment when coupled with an onboard preamp system.


The DCB series of dual ceramic bar hum-cancelling bass pickups boast full-bodied tone and rich sustain, thanks to their uniform magnetic field which captures all of your instrument’s detail and character for a dynamic response suitable for any playing style. Use them passively or together with an onboard preamp and they will bring out all your bass’s inherent qualities!

This hum-cancelling 6-string bass pickup is an ideal drop-in replacement for basses featuring Bartolini P4 shape pickups. The DCB-D4 features a built-from-the-ground-up design featuring two rows of Alnico V magnets in two rows to produce a thick and growly tone. Furthermore, its uniform magnetic field captures all of your instrument’s sound details, providing dynamic yet responsive attacks to meet all playing styles.

Aguilar designed the DCB-D4 bass guitar pickup set from Sweetwater to give you rich, detailed tonality no matter the bass amplifier you plug them into. Many bassists worldwide have experienced its quality, power and reliability including John Patitucci (Chick Corea) and Adam Clayton (U2). Get more out of your bass’s tonality by upgrading it with these dual ceramic magnet pickups from Aguilar!


This AG 4P/J-HC 4-String Hum-Canceling P/J Bass Pickup Set delivers thunderous lows with its neck pickup, scooped tones from both bridge pickups, and hum-free performance from both. Inspired by classic 60s sounds, this combination features Aguilar’s popular AG 4P-60 Precision Bass style pickup and the silent AG 4J-HC Jazz Bass bridge pickup that cancel hum – both made in Aguilar’s New York factory with Alnico V magnet magnet pickups providing versatile tones to choose from for bassists to find just the perfect sound.

Aguilar’s dual ceramic bar magnet design delivers more harmonic development, string-to-string balance and consistency of tone than traditional single-coil pickups while increasing output over passive pickups. Furthermore, their uniform magnetic field captures more of the dynamic response from strings and amplifiers for even bigger sound and increased clarity – great when used passively or paired with Aguilar’s OBP-1, 2 or 3 onboard preamp for even deeper detail and tone that simply cannot be found anywhere else on the market!

Bassists worldwide have discovered the incredible tone, power, and reliability offered by Aguilar pickups as used by top musicians like John Patitucci (Chick Corea), Adam Clayton (U2), and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai). Sweetwater offers both passive and active versions so you can add your desired Aguilar sound directly onto your bass guitar – contact us today and find which pickup suits you best!


Aguilar’s dual ceramic magnet pickup set is an outstanding upgrade for any bass, providing huge dynamic response and rich harmonic overtones that sound fantastic regardless of what amplifier type is connected. Furthermore, this pickup set was specifically designed to fit six-string basses – something which many other bass pickup sets struggle with.

The AG 5M Music Man-Style bass pickup set is a humbucking set wired in parallel and designed to replicate the classic Stingray tone while improving string-to-string balance, consistency of tone, and rich harmonic content. It is an ideal replacement for basses equipped with this style of neck and bridge pickups; and sounds fantastic either passively or actively using Aguilar’s OBP-1, 2 or 3 onboard preamp for ultimate tonal versatility.

Aguilar humbuckers use a dual ceramic bar design that ensures every note has an accurate, consistent dynamic response without noise or feedback, plus a wider frequency range to provide low end thump and midrange cut as needed. Their AG 5M model makes an easy addition to any five-string bass guitar and should give years of use!

Aguilar pickups were created specifically to meet the needs of bass players like John Patitucci (Chick Corea) and Adam Clayton (U2). As these legendary bassists use Aguilar pickups in their sounds, you know you have quality and power at your fingertips to bring out your sound. Sweetwater’s knowledgeable staff can assist in finding you an Aguilar bass guitar pickup that best matches both your instrument and playing style – whether passive or active setup is more suitable – our 30-day return policy means you can shop with confidence so give us a call today so we can get you what gear you need!


The AG 6P/J-HC bass guitar pickups offer a versatile set of tones when used individually or collectively, offering you plenty of creative expression. Hum-cancelling split coil neck and bridge pickups from this set effectively cancel out 60Hz hum in all its forms – providing thunderous lows from your guitar’s neck pickup or midrange cuts from your bass bridge pickup without annoying noise interference. Based on Dave Boonshoft’s 1963 and 64′ Precision basses, the AG 6P/J-HC pickups utilize period correct Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets for iconic Jazz Bass tone: crisp treble, articulate midrange, and thunderous lows. Compatible with any 4- or 5-string bass that uses 18-19mm string spacing such as Fender Jazz(r) or Musicman(r) basses from Lakland.

Aguilar pickups were developed specifically by bass players for bass players. Boasting double ceramic magnets that deliver huge dynamic response and deep harmonic content, many bassists like John Patitucci (Chick Corea), Adam Clayton (U2), Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), as well as Paul Turner from Jammiroquai all choose Aguilar pickups for their tone, power, and reliability. Sweetwater is an authorized reseller for Aguilar pickups, preamps, amplifiers so you can be certain your equipment was designed by professionals for professional use!


Upgrade your bass with Aguilar’s noiseless dual ceramic magnet pickup set – DCB-D4! This pickup delivers dynamic response and rich harmonic overtones while eliminating 60 Hz hum. Use just the neck pickup for deep resonant lows or combine it with bridge pickup for classic Stingray tone! These hum-canceling pickups work equally well passive or active and sound great with any bass preamp!

This AG 4P-HOT set offers direct replacements for 4 and 5 string Fender Jazz(r) basses as well as other J-style basses, featuring large 6mm magnets with an overwound design to produce thick yet edgeful personalities with thunderous lows that will push any bass amplifier’s input while maintaining your playing dynamics and style nuances.

Aguilar bass guitar humbucking pickups have been made famous by such world-class bassists as John Patitucci of Chick Corea, Adam Clayton (U2) and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai). Sweetwater bassists stand behind these powerful pickups due to their excellent string-to-string balance, consistent tone quality, and rich harmonic content. Available individually or as complete sets, Sweetwater offers Aguilar pickups to give your bass that perfect sound – contact or chat with one of their specialists now to experience first-hand what difference an Aguilar pickup can make!